How to Dress Up Big Bare Walls (Inside and Outside Your Home) 

At a loss for what to do with big, bare walls on the interior or exterior of your home? Whether you live in a small apartment or a large family home, bare walls are frankly, an eyesore. There are so many things you can do to dress up bare walls, from painting a mural to showing off artisanal handwoven baskets. Say goodbye to boring walls with these 6 creative ideas.

1. Mural Wall Art

Whether you draw a mural yourself, or use a ‘peel and stick’ mural, you can add depth to a small room with mural wall art. Cover an entire bare wall with a mural, taking it from boring to jaw-dropping in a few short hours. Great places for mural wall art are in your bedroom behind the headboard of your bed and behind your desk in your home office. 

2. Painted Paddle Boards

Painted paddle boards are often found in home interiors, but why not hang them up on an outside wall? Do you have a backyard porch or outdoor kitchen wall that needs some personality? Paint a few paddle boards with complementary designs and colours and let them bring the space to life. They’ll bring colour and coziness to the space, and are perfect if you’re going for a boat house vibe. 

3. Basket Wall Art

This trend has been popping up all over home decor blogs and magazines. If you collect artisanal baskets, place them strategically on your wall to create a gorgeous masterpiece. They’ll add amazing texture and colour to your bare wall with their intricate and interesting detail. Many artisanal baskets come in neutral, earth tone colours, which complement any decor style. 

4. Family Photos in Matching Frames 

Create a gallery wall in your living room or above your hallway console with your favourite photos of your family. Collect matching frames in white, black or gold, and get your photos printed so they’re all the same size, a few dimensions smaller than the frames themselves. This is a trendy way to display your gorgeous photos and dress up a bare wall. 

5. Old Windows and Planters 

Do you have old windows and platers you’d love to reuse? Turn them into decoration for your home’s exterior wall. It’s a great way to spruce up your exterior with more colour, and from far away, it will actually look like you have functioning windows on the side of your home! 

6. Macramé Wall Art

Macramé wall hangings are all the rage right now, and for good reason. If you’re going for a bohemian look in your home, macramé is the way to go. Beautiful, hand-woven wall hangings are a great conversation starter, and are sure to wow guests when you’re entertaining. Display it in a gallery wall or hang one above your favourite reading chair with a blank wall behind it. 

There’s no excuse for having big, bare walls inside and outside your home! Use these ideas to dress up your walls and give your home warmth and personality!