How to Design a Stylish Garage

A detached garage can be an excellent investment for homeowners who need extra space or want to protect their vehicles from the elements. With proper planning and preparation, you can design and build a stylish garage that complements your home exterior. Whether you purchase a garage plan online or want a custom build, use these steps to guide you through the process: 

1. Determine the Purpose

A garage can function in a variety of ways, from standard vehicle storage or as a home gym, office or guest suite. Once you determine the purpose of your garage, you can lock in its size. A standard two-car garage is typically about 20 feet by 20 feet, but you can adjust the dimensions depending on your needs. If you have a larger budget, consider building upward and incorporating a loft into the design. 

2. Select Your Roofing & Siding

Start by choosing your roofing and siding materials and colours. You may match the garage to your home exterior using similar products for a cohesive look. Alternatively, mix it up and consider combining horizontal or vertical siding styles with stone veneer skirting. Vinyl cedar shake siding can add a unique touch to your garage. Install dark roofing shingles or upgrade to metal roofing for a modern touch. 

3. Increase the Natural Light

Fill your garage with natural light. Determine how many windows you want to include in your garage design. Double-hung, slider and casement windows can effectively brighten your garage interior and provide ventilation. A gable window can add a stylish touch and let in additional light so you can enjoy a sun-filled garage.

4. Choose a Garage Door 

Garage doors are available in multiple styles and materials to complement your home and exterior colour scheme. Decide if you want to be traditional with a raised panel door or contemporary with sleek glass windows. A steel garage door is a popular low-maintenance wood alternative. Make security features a priority when choosing a garage door.  

5. Add Finishing Touches

After the garage exterior is complete, you can finish the interior. Depending on its purpose, consider adding insulation and plumbing for added comfort. Hang drywall and allot space for storage. Add the finishing touch to the exterior of your new garage with a stylish lantern or barn light on either side of the garage door.