How to Create Office Space at Home

With many Canadians working from home throughout the pandemic and likely experiencing flexible work arrangements moving forward, having extra space at home has never been more critical. Unfortunately, not everyone has a spare room to turn into an office. Instead of setting up your desk in the corner of the kitchen or living room, consider these creative ideas that eliminate distractions and create a dedicated work area.

1. Convert Your Garage 

It’s common to hear of families converting their garage into a home gym. Instead, turn your garage into a home office. Cover the concrete floor with tiles, carpet squares or rugs to make the space feel more comfortable. If the walls are unfinished, add insulation and drywall. Insulation will add seasonal comfort and reduce sound pollution to improve concentration. Then, add in your desk furniture and extra lighting. 

2. Buy a Shed 

If you have a large shed, clear it out and give it a good clean to make space for a home office. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-built shed or use shed plans to build one, depending on your DIY skills and budget. When choosing a design, include a window to let in natural light, and be sure to install electrical outlets to power your computer, desk lighting and a heater. 

3. Hideaway Office 

Reimagine a closet or cupboard as a work space. This will allow you to simply open the doors when working and close them when you’re done. To convert, remove lower shelves to make space for your desk, and use the ledges above to neatly organize your documents and supplies. Attach pin boards to the inside walls to display notes and memos.

4. Modular Backyard Studios  

Modern problems require modern solutions. ModBox designs modular backyard studios that are stylish stand-alone structures that can double as a workout or hobby area or, you guessed it, a home office. The modular design allows you to customize the space to suit your needs and style, from the entrance doors to built-in cabinetry. For added comfort, you can enhance your dream Modbox design with heated flooring and air conditioning. Notably, ModBox studios use sustainable products, such as Longboard Inspiring Facade, available at Gentek distribution locations.