How to Create a Relaxing Cottage Exterior with Grayne Siding

Traditional cottages have a relaxed, charming exterior characterized by features such as cozy seating areas, window shutters and cedar shingles. If you’re intimidated by the maintenance that comes along with natural cedar, Grayne siding is the perfect way to echo the look of natural cedar shingles. With 6 welcoming cedar colours that have light and dark spots like cedar found in nature, you can easily enhance the charm of your cottage with Grayne siding. Read more about Grayne, and tips for creating a relaxing cottage exterior below! 

About Grayne Siding

If you’re looking for a high-end, low maintenance solution for your cottage exterior, look no further than Grayne siding. Grayne’s red cedar shingle offers the charm of natural cedar with none of the maintenance. The graining patterns of the shingles create natural depth and shadows, and the sharp, crisp edges provide an authentic cedar look, whether you’re looking up close or from the curb. 

Its absolute colour technology recreates the colour differentiation found in natural cedar shingles, and with moisture-resistant cellular PVC products, Grayne has outstanding performance against nature. It won’t rot, split, delaminate or swell, and it’s available in a variety of warm and welcoming cedar colours. An exterior covered in Grayne siding is sure to give you the charming, relaxed vibe you’re going for.

Tips for a Relaxing Cottage Exterior 

Cozy Porch

Now that you have your siding taken care of, it’s time to think about the rest of your exterior. Creating a relaxing vibe can easily be done with the addition of a cozy porch seating area. Whether you opt for a porch swing, bench or outdoor rocking chairs, a seating area with pillows and throws will create a truly cozy vibe. It will be the perfect place to curl up and read a good book, or chat with a friend over lemonade.

Potted Plants

If you’re looking to make the front porch of your cottage even more welcoming, add potted plants going up the stairs or at each side of your front door. Ceramic planter pots will give your exterior some style, while the greenery offers a natural, homey feel. Choose your favourite plants to feature to let your personality shine.

Window Shutters 

It doesn’t get much more charming than window shutters. A quintessential cottage feature, shutters are a simple way to add visual interest to your exterior. They’re a gorgeous accent that will look amazing against Grayne siding. Choose a shutter shade that complements the colour of your siding to create a relaxed, cozy exterior.

Outdoor Hanging Lights

The right lighting accessories can really enhance the look of your exterior. Hanging string lights are ideal for a cottage exterior, especially at night when you’re lounging with friends on your front and back porch. String lights add a subtle ambiance that’s quite impactful.

Ready to enhance the relaxing vibe of your cottage exterior? Use products like Grayne siding and other accents to create a cozy, relaxed feel.