How to Create a Cool “Hang Out” Area in Your Backyard: 6 Hammock Ideas

Want to create the ultimate relaxation spot in your backyard? Putting up a hammock is the perfect way to do it. There’s no better place to lay back, put your feet up, and breathe in the fresh open air. Hammocks are light-weight, trendy and they’ll make your backyard look like a comfortable oasis. If you’ve been feeling like your backyard needs an extra place to hang out, check out these 6 awesome hammock ideas!

1. Patio Hammock

Hang a hammock (or two) from the pillars on your patio. While traditionally hammocks are made from cotton and rope, cloth hammocks are rising in popularity due to their incredible comfort. Head out onto your patio and in just a few steps you can fall into your hammock to read a book or take a nap.

2. Poolside Hammock

Need a place to relax before and after jumping into the pool? A poolside hammock will be your new best friend. You can build a trellis to hang your hammock from, or hang it from any trees or poles near your pool.

3. Hanging Bed

If you love the idea of a hammock, but think you need a little more support, a hanging bed may be just the thing for you. Bring the comfort of your bed to your patio or yard- wherever you decide to hang it. If it’s a large hanging bed, make sure it’s hung with a sturdy chain on each corner for support. Whether you want a smaller one-person bed or a bed you can share with family and friends, a hanging bed is a great way to bring comfort outdoors.

4. Tree Hammock

Hammocks are traditionally meant to be hung from trees, so if you have trees in your yard that can support a hammock, tie it between two of them. Fill the hammock with blankets and pillows for the ultimate relaxation spot. You can also consider adding string lights between the trees above the hammock to create a tranquil ambiance.

5. Garden Patio Hammock

Do you have a garden patio that’s look a little bare? Surround yourself with flowers and greenery by placing a hammock on your garden patio. It will give you a secluded spot to enjoy your garden while you breathe in the gorgeous smell of the flowers, plants and fresh air.

6. Hanging Pillow Chair

Another option that’s similar to a hammock but a tad different is a hanging pillow chair. Hung from all four corners, the unique design is perfect for one person to sprawl out and relax on an oversized pillow. It’s stylish and comfortable, and offers the perfect place to hang out and read or get some reflecting done.

Creating a cool hang out area is easy with a hammock! Use one of these ideas to add comfort and style to your backyard!