How to Choose a Winter Colour Palette for Your Home

Just because a colour palette is inspired by the winter season, doesn’t mean it can’t work wonders year round. Icy blues, creamy whites and warm metallics allow you to create a cozy space that feels homey and fresh with every season. Winter is a time for hibernation. We all love getting comfortable and cozy inside, so why not make your space feel like a luxurious retreat? Here are 5 tips to choosing a winter colour palette for your home that will make it shine all year.

1. Icy Blues and Snowy Whites

If there’s one colour combination that perfectly epitomizes winter, it has to be icy blue and snowy white. Paint all your walls an icy blue shade, or opt for a blue accent wall. Layer in snowy white accents with throw pillows, light fixtures, drapes and sheepskins, as well as shades of blue in the upholstery, rugs and wall art. Add pops of light wood and gold to bring warmth to the cool, wintry space. 

2. Metallic Accents and Decor 

Metallic accents and decor are the perfect way to honour the glitz and glam of the holiday season all year round. Weaving them in subtly with coffee table legs, mirror frames and side tables is the ideal way to use metallics in a sophisticated way. When decorating with metallics, it’s best to balance them with softer textures and colour palettes. Mohair, velvet and wool create a gorgeous contrast with metallics, and rich, creamy tones will create an undeniable cozy space. 

3. Black Walls, Warm Wood and Cozy Accents

Black walls are undeniably bold, and while some may find them a little too intense, when done right, they offer a classic and sophisticated vibe. Pair black walls with warm wood accents such as a wood coffee table, wooden furniture legs and warm wood accessories. Add cozy accents like a sheepskin throw, fur pillows and velvet accents create a luxurious space that you’ll love spending time in. 

4. Warm, Rich Shades of Brown

When the temperature cools down, warm, rich shades of chocolate browns, cinnamon and camel tones will warm up any room. These colours will make your space feel cozy and homey. Bring them in with elements such as a camel colour couch or chocolate brown armchairs, a warm wood bookshelf and cinnamon colour décor pieces.

5. Navy and Plaids

If you love the idea of rich, deep colour but black walls are too dark for you, consider painting them a deep navy. It will make your space feel warm and sophisticated, and works especially well in rooms such as a library or study. Layer in plaid patterns and leather fabrics for a room that’s suave and stylish.

Choosing a winter colour palette for your home ensures our space feels warm and cozy all year round. Use our tips to create a winter-inspired space with the perfect colour palettes.