How Much Does a Remodel Cost and How Long Does it Take?

Remodeling your house is one of the most exciting ventures any homeowner can take. You get to upgrade the home you love with a new design that makes you even more excited to come home after a long day. From new windows, siding and doors, to interior upgrades, a remodel can completely elevate your home.

With all the excitement that comes along with a renovation, you have to make sure to be realistic in terms of what it will cost you and how long the project will go on. If you’re looking to remodel you’re home, we’re giving you all the insight on how much a renovation costs and how long it will take to get your dream home.

How Much Does a Remodel Cost?

Home remodel costs depend on a few key factors such as the size of your home, location, the quality of materials you use, etc.  Different rooms also come with different costs. According to Houzz’s 2018 Houzz and Home Study, kitchens are the most popular rooms to renovate, with guests bathrooms coming in at the no.2 spot, and master bathrooms at no.3.

In 2017, the median spend on a kitchen renovation was $11,000, and the median spend on a large kitchen with at least all cabinets and appliances being replaced was $33,000. The median cost for a master bathroom remodel was $7,000, and that median cost rose up between $10,000 to $16,000 for master bathroom remodels with at least the countertops, vanity, cabinetry, and toilets replaced.

The median cost for other interior room renovations ranged from $500 for a closet remodel to $3,000 for a family/living room renovation. The overall median renovation spend was $15,000.

A Word on Exterior Remodels

Upgrading your curb appeal is becoming just as popular as remodeling your favourite interior rooms. The most popular exterior improvement in 2017 was exterior paint, followed by windows or skylights, exterior doors, roofing, gutters and decks!

How Long Does a Remodel Take

Home renovation projects take time, but if you’re working with a quality renovator (like one of Gentek’s) they’ll make it happen as efficiently as possible and with as much quality as possible. Just a few short years ago, Houzz’s 2016 Houzz and Home Survey found that the average time it takes for a kitchen renovation is five months, between three and four months for bathroom remodels, three months for a laundry room and two and a half months for a closet. Other interior rooms took on average three and a half months to remodel.

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