Home Energy Audits Explained

If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, a home energy audit is a great place to start. Canadians can receive up to $5,600 in eligible rebates following a home energy audit through the Canada Greener Homes Grant. Find out why a home energy audit is important and how you can get started.  

What is a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit measures your home’s energy efficiency and airtightness. This evaluation, completed by a professional, can help identify problem areas so you know where to invest your money. You can book a home energy audit at any time. However, if you’re renovating your home, take the opportunity to conduct a home energy audit beforehand if you know you’ll be exposing interior walls or replacing windows or doors

Why is a Home Energy Audit Important?

Completing a home energy audit is the first step to improving your home’s energy efficiency. The audit will help you make informed decisions on energy-efficient home upgrades to help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. Improvements may include adding insulation, installing ENERGY STAR® windows or doors, solar panels, and foundation waterproofing.

What is involved with a Home Energy Audit?

It will take approximately two to three hours to complete a home energy audit, depending on the size of your home. An energy adviser will examine the inside and outside of your home, noting insulation levels, types of windows, and heating and cooling systems. The data entered into Natural Resources Canada’s modeling software will calculate the overall energy efficiency and provide a rating. The energy advisor will provide suggestions to improve your energy efficiency and list your priorities. A certified EnerGuide inspector must complete a pre-retrofit evaluation if you’re applying for the Canada Greener Homes Grant. Book a post-retrofit evaluation after making your home improvements to apply for reimbursement. 

Take advantage of the Canada Greener Homes Grant and book a home energy audit today. Talk to your Gentek sales representative for qualifying products, or visit gentek.ca for details.