Grayne Siding: The Look of Cedar Shingles Without the Work

Cedar shingles have long been a favourite in the home exterior world. But although they look stunning, their maintenance and upkeep is another story. Enter Grayne siding, a red cedar shingle that offers the look of natural cedar with none of the maintenance! Loved for its authentic look and striking aesthetics, its crisp edges and graining patterns create natural depth. It’s made with absolute colour technology, replicating the different colours found in natural cedar shingles. If you’ve been dreaming of the look of cedar shingles for your home, but are hesitant due to the regular cleaning and maintenance, Grayne siding is just the product for you!

The Issue with Real Cedar Siding

There’s no denying that real cedar siding is beautiful, but the cons aren’t worth it for everyone. It can easily become dirty due to outdoor elements and it weathers, changing colour over time, giving it a much more rugged look than you started out with. After years of exposure to mildew or algae, which can develop on your siding, your cedar siding will start to turn silver/grey in colour, which you’ll need to clean away. Most people opt to stain their natural cedar siding to create a better shield of protection, creating more maintenance, as you’d need to re-stain or re-paint it every six months.

Grayne Performance

Due to the upkeep of natural cedar siding, homeowners often look for a stronger, more carefree alternative. Grayne siding was made to last. With moisture resistant cellular PVC features, the shingles not only look gorgeous and authentic, they also offer outstanding performance against nature. Forget about Grayne rotting, splintering, or swelling. It was designed to keep its shape over time, and it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain.

A World of Colour

Although red cedar siding offers a classic, charming look, red isn’t your only option for your Grayne siding. Grayne offers 6 warm cedar colours that have both light and dark spots, mimicking cedar found in nature. No matter the project, there’s a gorgeous shade for you. Choose from options like Vintage Brown, Heritage Grey, Tuscan Gold and Treated Cedar. If none of these shades catches your fancy, you can opt for Grayne paintable shingles that allow for superior paint adhesion. Made from a rigid PVC composite, which is impenetrable to moisture, you get a custom colour, worry-free.


Grayne siding is striking on its own, but if you want a little something more, you can add an accessory such as trim board, corner board, or 10’ starter strip. They’re moisture-resistant PVC products that won’t rot, splinter, delaminate, or swell, so they can be installed in direct contact with the ground. Opt to keep their beautiful white paint colour, or get them custom painted to match your home and surrounding areas.

If you want the look of natural cedar siding without the maintenance, Grayne siding is the option for you! Stop in at your local Gentek dealer to get more information and start transforming your home exterior with Grayne siding!