From Tiny and Traditional to Modern and Edgy: Mudrooms Can Make a Difference

Mudrooms have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They act as the perfect transition between indoors and outdoors and hide away items like jackets, shoes and bags that would usually clutter your living space.

They’re versatile, charming and easy to install, making a mudroom an incredible feature to add to your home. Mudrooms can go beyond a room for your bags and coats, operating as everything from gardening tools storage to a pet washing area. Take a look at how mudrooms can really make a difference.

3 Benefits of a Mudroom

1. Extra Storage

An extra storage space is key if your goal is to have a neat, organized home. A mudroom expands your storage area, allowing you to keep everything from shoes and jackets to sports equipment and gardening tools out of sight. To get the most out of mudroom storage, opt for a bench with a top that opens up, and lots of hooks and open shelving so everything has a place to go.

2. Less Clutter

Since a mudroom gives you more storage, the rest of your home will naturally look more organized and less cluttered. A better functioning organization system means it will be easier to find things, and you won’t have to hurriedly throw things under your couch on in your closet when guests show up without notice.

3. A Cleaner Living Space

Without a mudroom, people and pets are more likely to bring dirt into the house, messing with your clean living space. A mudroom acts as the perfect transition from outside to inside, allowing your family and guests to take off their shoes and outerwear before coming inside. You can even wash off your pets in the mudroom so they don’t drag mud through your home!

4 Mudroom Designs

Tiny and Traditional

Mudrooms don’t have to be big spaces. If you simply need an extra bit of space for your shoes and bags, tiny and traditional is the way to go. Add in a few cubbyholes with hooks and some drawers underneath, and you’ll have a perfectly suitable mudroom.

Modern and Edgy

Many homeowners are choosing to go a little bit more edgy with their mudrooms. Play with more eclectic colours and patterns to get a modern look you love. Even if the rest of your home teeters on the more conservative side, a smaller space like a mudroom is your chance to bring out your wild side.

Warm and Cozy

Since the mudroom is the first room you step into from outside, it should exude warmth and comfort. Use warm paint shades like cool gray or rich blue, add wicker baskets, and place a couple throw pillows on your bench to make it feel nice and cozy!

Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse style is one of the most welcoming designs there is, and it’s perfect for a mudroom! A white mudroom with black and wood accents will enhance the farmhouse vibe, and you can even put in barn door cupboards for more storage space.

If you’ve considered putting in a mudroom, what are you waiting for? Use these designs as inspiration to create an extra chic storage room and entryway!