From Simple to Dashing: Front Porch Decor for Winter

Your front porch is the one area of the home that can get quite rejected come wintertime. While many people focus on decorating their porch in the spring and summer, don’t forget to deck it out in the snowy months as well. Decorating your porch can make the snow-filled, frigid days more fun and bearable, creating a welcoming entrance for you to come home to and for your guests to enjoy. Take a look at home to take your porch from simple to dashing with these 7 ideas for winter porch decor!

1. Evergreens

A great way to spruce up your porch in the snowy season is to add winter greenery to your entrance way. You can easily do this using branches and pine cones from your own yard. Place them in porch pots beside your door or at the top of your stairs for a gorgeous, cost-effective entryway.

2. Winter Wreath

Wreaths are one of the most common types of winter porch decor and you can buy or DIY a winter wreath with materials like cedar branches, decorative evergreens, and fresh winter florals that will dry out, leaving you with a beautiful finished product that complements the snowy season perfectly. 

3. Re-Use Your Summer Outdoor Furniture

If you have outdoor furniture you use during the summer, get double use out of it in the winter. A faux wicker planter that’s used to hold flowers in the summertime can be used to hold logs to enhance the winter vibe, and furniture like chairs and benches can get a dose of winter cheer with the addition of faux fur blankets and tartan throw pillows. 

4. Bring In Neutrals

Take a note from the natural shades of the winter season and decorate your front porch with lots of neutrals. Think wood logs, weathered crates, a cozy camel throw, and wicker baskets filled with bare branches and pinecones. Add a neutral coloured doormat and a simple wreath, and you’ll have a beautiful front porch that perfectly reflects the season.

5. Winter Window Boxes

Window boxes are particularly popular for the spring and summer, but who says you can’t deck them out in winter too? Fill them with greenery from your yard, or if you’re lacking your own, you can easily find greenery in store. You can also add some flowers- either fresh winter flowers or dried flowers, and add string lights to light up the boxes come nighttime.

6. Cozy Seating Area

Nothing says warmth and comfort like a cozy seating area. Although you likely won’t be sitting out in the frigid cold, it’s a nice addition to any front entrance. Wooden rocking chairs look especially charming in winter, and a bench swing filled with throws and pillows offers all the coziness you need. 

7. String Lights 

String lights are a beautiful addition to your exterior all year round, but they’re especially magical in the winter. Use them on our porch to light up your space and give your home a romantic, whimsical feel.

Winter is almost here. Use these ideas to spruce up your porch this season!