From Garage to Tiny Cottage: How to Make Use of Extra Space 

Have a garage or shed in your backyard that you’re not getting any use out of? Why not transform it into a tiny cottage or guest lounge. When you have visitors, it will be nice for them to have their own space, and you can even consider renting it out on a platform such as Airbnb. If you have a good sized garage, creating a tiny cottage is easy, and can potentially bring in some extra income! Don’t let extra space go to waste! Here are our ideas for how to transform your garage into a tiny cottage. 


Given the space of most backyard sheds, your cottage will likely function as a “studio” type space, with the bedroom, living area and kitchen all combined as one. If you’re using it as solely a sleeping area for guests, add in a Queen size bed, or if you’d rather it function as a living space as well, opt for a sofa bed that you can fold up during the day. You only need a small kitchenette, so place one along one of the walls with a small fridge, sink, a 2-burner stove top and some cupboards and shelf space. Make sure to deck it out with everything your guests may need, from dinnerware and utensils, to a cutting board, tea kettle, and perhaps even a toaster oven. 

Bathroom with Laundry 

With the extra space, you should be able to create a decently sized bathroom in your tiny cottage. It should be at least a 3-piece bathroom so your guests are able to shower. Add in a stacked washer/dryer so they have the option to wash their clothes if they’re visiting for an extended period of time. Make sure it’s always stocked with fresh towels, hand soap, laundry detergent and toilet paper, and as an extra courtesy, it never hurts to have a small ironing board and drying rack. 

Make it Cozy

Transforming your shed into a tiny cottage gives you another space to decorate. Make it cozy by adding lots of pillows and throws, wall art, stylish blinds and a few small plants. An area rug under the bed/sofa bed will create warmth, and stacks of books are always a nice touch. Make sure the lights are working to provide proper brightness to the space, and consider stylish light fixtures and lamps that give personality and character to your tiny cottage. Paint the bathroom a warm and cheery shade, and add some incense to ensure a pleasant scent. 

The Outdoor Space 

Along with the tiny cottage itself, your backyard space should be stylish and welcoming. Create a small patio space with a couple chairs and good lighting. Consider hanging string lights for a whimsical effect, or place lanterns on the ground to exude stylish elegance. Make sure it’s tidy and that there’s no debris or tripping hazards and make sure the exterior of the cottage is visually appealing. Paint or redo the siding, replace the front door and put in new windows if needed. This will all make a huge impact on the look of your tiny cottage. 

Transforming your garage into a tiny cottage is a fun project that will leave you with a cozy space for guests and visitors. Take our ideas and run with them to create the tiny cottage of your dreams!