Foolproof Colours for Your Home Exterior

Everyone knows the feeling of seeing a house that makes them swoon. A major part of what catches your eye is the colours the homeowners chose. Choosing the right colours for your home exterior can be a fun (yet challenging) task. The colour of your siding, front door, shutters and trim should compliment each other, coming together to create a work of art! Today’s exterior trends are all about keeping it classic and sophisticated with a pop of personality. So how exactly do you choose the perfect colours for your exterior? Let’s dig in!

Stunning Siding

Since your siding covers the majority of your house, and is also the biggest investment, it’s the ideal starting point for colour choice. Your siding needs to work with everything from your landscaping to your chimney colour to your neighbours’ exterior hues, so do some research before diving in. Neutrals like grays and whites are often your best bet for siding, as well as brick-like colours. Some great options from Gentek’s World of Colour would be Dover Gray, Storm, Taylor Red, White and Sage.

Pretty Trim

Next up, it’s time to choose your trim colour. Your trim should contrast yet compliment your siding. Some homeowners opt to go with the same colour trim as their siding, but we would advise against that. Using the same, or a very similar colour can make your house look flat and unexciting. On the other hand, you don’t want it to look too out-there either. Choose a trim colour that’s a few shades lighter than your siding, but still in the same colour family. Consider colours like Snow White, Bright White or Pearl. One exception is if you choose to go with white siding. In that case it’s okay to use the same colour for the trim, or go with a darker colour like Slate for contrast!

Striking Accents

Finally, you get to choose your accent colours! Feel free to have a little more fun with the colours you choose for your door and shutters. Reds, blues and blacks are all the rage right now, giving your house a nice pop of personality among the timelessness of your siding and trim. Your accent colors are much easier (and more affordable) to change in a few years, so if you’re worried about getting tired of them or them going out of trend, don’t be! You can always switch them up down the road! Right now, the go-to accent colours for a front door are hues like Coastal Blue, Burgundy, Black, Midnight Surf and Rockwell Blue.

Choosing the perfect colours for your home exterior is a breeze with Gentek’s World of Colour! So what are you waiting for?