Fences Can Be Beautiful: 8 Stunning Designs for Your Backyard

Fences are often times an afterthought when it comes to the design of a home, but when given the proper attention, a fence can create a beautiful statement, providing privacy, boundaries and protection for your backyard. You want a backyard fence that serves both function and style, complementing your yard and your personal design aesthetic. Fences don’t have to be boring- check out 8 stunning fence designs or your backyard! 

1. Uneven Wood Boards

If you love the look of a wooden fence, but want something a little more unique, create a wooden fence with uneven board lengths, giving it a staggered look. It’s unique and classic at the same time, and since you can lay the boards so they overlap, it creates lots of privacy for your yard.

2. Black Horizontal Slats

If you’re going for a modern look, black horizontal slats are right up your alley. The perfect combination of minimal and elegant, divide the black steel fencing with white concrete for a sleek, sophisticated look. 

3. Low Vinyl Fence 

If you prefer a shorter fence, a low vinyl fence could be the ideal option for you. It will still provide you with a good amount of privacy, while allowing you to see more of the nature beyond your fence. 

4. Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing will give your yard a beautiful, sophisticated feel, plus it’s extremely durable. Whether you’re going for traditional, modern or rustic, a wrought iron fence can work for you. They allow ventilation, while also protecting your property, and are ideal if you don’t have neighbours directly beside you.

5. Classic White Fence 

There’s nothing more classic than a white fence, especially paired with a more traditional home. White fences come in vinyl and wood, depending on your budget and material preference. A classic white fence looks clean and timeless, popping out against the greenery in your yard. It’s simple and elegant and can make the most gorgeous backyard statement. 

6. Bamboo Fence

If you want something truly unique, a bamboo fence is the way to go. Beautiful, light weight and natural, bamboo fences are environmentally friendly and can be stained whatever colour suits your yard. Bamboo is incredibly resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures and weather, such as excessive heat, rain and snow. If you want a tropical look for your yard, consider a bamboo fence!

7. Solid Concrete

This look isn’t for everyone, but if you want your yard to have a truly modern feel, solid concrete backyard walls can be sophisticated and stylish. Add geometric lines to give the walls a personal touch and a sleek finish.

8. Frosted Glass with Wood 

Frosted glass fencing offers amazing privacy, and is complemented perfectly by wood frames and posts. It’s a cool and distinctive look that can work for various backyard styles. 

It’s time to give your backyard fence the upgrade it deserves. Use one of these stunning design ideas and transform your backyard with a gorgeous fence.