Exterior Colour Palettes to Inspire You

Your exterior colour palette sets the tone for your entire house. It introduces people to your home, showcases your style, and enhances your curb appeal. But it’s not always easy to choose the perfect, complimentary colour palette. There’s thought and planning that goes into choosing an exterior colour palette that enriches your entire property.

Depending on your style, your exterior colour palette can give off a bold, classic, playful or contemporary look. The options are endless! Take cues from your surroundings, and look to your neighbourhood, landscape and nature to choose colours that will work best for your home.

Choose colours for your siding, door, and window trim that complement each other and make for a stunning exterior. Two to three colours is usually the way to go. Anything more can feel overwhelming, but can work on large home, or when done creatively!

Take a look at 5 exterior colour palettes that are sure to inspire you!

Light Grey + White 

White and light grey is a classic combination that will make your home exterior look clean and crisp. You can choose from a ton of grey siding options (this one is available at Gentek and is called Storm), and use white exterior paint for your door and window casings. This colour palette is perfect for those who love minimalist, elegant style.

Navy Blue + Cream + Red

All over navy blue siding is dramatic in the chicest way. A red door adds a striking pop of colour that draws the eyes in in the best way. A creamy white is the perfect colour for the exterior casings and trims. Since you already have two bold colours for the siding and door, it’s best to keep the trim and casings as simple as possible.


Green + Pebble + Pure White 

Green can work really well as an accent colour for your home exterior. The trick is for the other exterior colours to be less in-your-face. The pure white helps the green pop and creates contrast with the Pebble siding. All three colours come together perfectly with the brick to create a calming exterior vibe.

Slate Grey + White + Pale Blue

All white siding makes a modern yet classic statement that will keep you happy for years to come. To add some contrast, choose a dark slate grey for your window shutters and a gorgeous pale blue for your door. This palette offers a contemporary farmhouse vibe that’s as chic as it is striking.

Stark White + Black

I love a classic white and black house. The colours create a perfect contrast that goes well with pretty much any lighting, landscaping and neighbourhood. A stark white siding creates a pop without colour, and a black door, shutters and casings offer some subtle drama.

These 5 exterior colour palettes are each gorgeous in their own way. Take inspiration to create your dream home exterior!