Enjoy the Outdoors with Porch and Patio Enclosures! 

Enjoying the outdoors is such a treat! Unfortunately, in Canada, we’re limited to sitting outside in our yards to about half the year due to the cold, harsh winter weather. Finding ways to spend more time outside is beneficial for so many reasons, and patio and porch enclosures can help you do just that! In winter, they keep heat in and drafts and snow out, and in the summertime, they offer much-needed ventilation and protection from bugs and pests! If you’re looking for ways to spend more time outdoors throughout the year, whether at home or at the cottage, check out the benefits of porch and patio enclosures! 

What are Porch and Patio Enclosures?

Porch and patio enclosures are custom glass and screen inserts that allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. If it’s built into an existing porch, there will already be a roof in place, so you only need to worry about windows and doors. The frames and doors are often made from aluminum, and glass and metal mesh are used for the inserts. In the summer, you can enjoy fresh air without worrying about bugs, and in the winter, you’re protected from harsh, cold weather. 

Benefits of Porch and Patio Enclosures 


1. Protection from the Elements and Bugs

Patio enclosures allow you to enjoy the outdoors, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. It protects you from wind and rain, while still giving you the feeling of being outside. Whether you have a small front porch with a pair of chairs, or a large backyard patio with seating for the whole family, a porch/patio enclosure guarantees you’re always protected. Enclosures also ensure shelter from pesky bugs. It’s nice to sit outside in the summer, but as soon as the bugs come out, it’s a whole different story. With a porch enclosure, you won’t have to let annoying pests ruin your outdoor enjoyment! 

2. Extra Space to Enjoy

The more square footage you have to enjoy, the more you get out of your home. Enclosures allow you to get additional use out of your patio or porch, creating extra space to enjoy, no matter the season. While you may be able to relax on your porch without an enclosure during the spring and summer months, rain and bugs could cramp your style. And forget about it in the colder months when it’s too frigid to sit outside. A porch enclosure keeps cold and snow out in the winter and offers ventilation in the summer, giving you the option to enjoy the extra space all four seasons!

3. Safety

Porch and patio enclosures also offer another layer of safety and protection for your home. Burglars are looking for homes that are easy to break into and are less likely to break into homes with an added layer of security. You’ll also feel safer opening the door to people you don’t know, knowing you’re still protected by the glass layer of the enclosure. 

4. Increased Aesthetic and Value  

A porch enclosure can add a touch of class and elegance to your home. There are plenty of options to choose from that will enhance the look of your exterior, no matter the style of your home. Curb appeal is so important, and a porch enclosure will unquestionably elevate your exterior. A porch enclosure will also boost the value of your home, since it offers more usable space and makes the house look more charming. 

Porch and patio enclosures extend your space, add value to your home, and allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Consider York Aluminum enclosures offered through Gentek for your porch or patio!