Energy-Efficient Windows: The Benefits Are Clear

Windows are an important part of our homes. They offer a four season view of the world outside and bring warm natural light in. But old or inferior windows don’t just diminish the attractiveness of your home. They also come with a price, as a significant source of heat loss and drafts. You’ll often find condensation or even frost on poor-performing windows during cold weather, with rot and mould a possible result.

The benefits of properly installed new, energy-efficient windows are clear as glass:

  • Reduced energy consumption, benefitting us all and saving you money
  • Increased comfort without chilly drafts
  • Reduced condensation on glass in cold weather
  • Reduced noise and dust penetration from outside the home

According to Natural Resources Canada, homeowners who replace all their old windows and doors with energy-efficient products will typically save about 7% on their energy bills, depending on how many they replace, how old the windows were and how much air leakage they allowed.

Buyers of new homes can save about 16% on their energy bills by purchasing energy-efficient windows and doors over what they would pay with standard products. The savings are greater because new homes are typically larger, with more glass.

Gentek offers ultra-premium Regency windows, tested and proven to help cut heating and cooling energy consumption and cost. Simply put, they look great, are virtually maintenance free, and they deliver top of the class energy efficiency.

In fact, Regency Windows have earned the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013 designation, awarded by an international program that recognizes the most energy efficient consumer products.

These performance-engineered windows are a smart investment in your home and are endorsed by a lifetime limited, transferable warranty.