Emphasize Your Great Exterior With Complementary Landscaping


Great landscaping adds to the curb appeal of any home. And when you’ve invested in the exterior of your home, complementary landscaping brings it all together into one great-looking package.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your landscaping match your exterior. Flower beds and annuals can get you off to a great start.  When designing flower beds, avoid using materials that will clash with your home’s architecture.  If you have a wood home, for example, don’t use chunky stone or brick flower beds. It’s a socks and sandals thing — they won’t match.

You can start your landscaping adventure by picking colourful annuals that create a nice contrast with the colour of your home.  Many people like to start with some readily available and inexpensive annuals like impatiens, marigolds or petunias which come in a wide range of colours.

For homes with a dark-coloured exterior, use plants with light green foliage. For light-coloured siding, use richer green foliage with complementary bright flowers. Colour wheels from your local paint store are a great way to gain an understanding of matching and contrasting colours.

When you’re planting shrubs, bushes, trees or large plants, take into consideration future size. You don’t want them to grow to hide or diminish the great features of your home. You also don’t want to block the view or light coming in through a bay window or any other window you like to look out of.

If you’re in a new home, you’ve got a clean canvas to work with, and lots of enjoyment to come. If you’ve changed your exterior in a renovation, you can usually make simple and inexpensive changes to your landscaping that will bring out the best of your home’s exterior.