DIY Secret Garden Ideas for Your Backyard

Sometimes you need a cozy, secluded space to relax and hide away from the outside world. Go a step further in your backyard by creating a secret garden. A secret garden is a small area in your yard where you can relax and enjoy calmness and serenity. Take a step away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life, and enter a soothing oasis where you can let go of stress and completely unwind. Whether you want to relax on your own, with a loved one, or entertain a small group of friends, a secret garden is the perfect spot. Here are 5 DIY secret garden ideas for your backyard. 

1. A Whimsical, Illuminated Garden

There’s something that feels so magical about a secret garden. Play this up by creating an illuminated space with a sense of whimsy. Set up a charming seating area underneath a big tree and hang string lights and lanterns from above. Place large candles throughout your seating area, and you have a wonderful place to relax on your own or to entertain your closest friends. 

2. Create a Lounge with a Roof

You don’t have to have a huge backyard to create a secret garden. Use your porch to set up a cozy lounge area and cover it with a pergola that has a solid roof. This will allow you to enjoy the space in all types of weather- you can sip on a lemonade on a sunny day, or read wrapped up in a blanket when the rain is coming down. Add string lights so you can enjoy the space into the night, as well as cozy lounge pieces, plants and candles to create a soothing atmosphere. 

3. A Bamboo Garden 

If you’re a fan of bamboo, use the gorgeous plant to create a wall for your secret garden. It grows quickly and tall, providing you with good coverage and offering the privacy you need. Take inspiration from the bamboo plant and create a Zen oasis for your secret garden, with elements like lanterns, big comfy floor pillows, and perhaps even a small fountain. Does it get any more relaxing than that? 

4. Use Flowering Vines

If you want to create an extra secluded space in your backyard, use flowering vines to enhance the privacy. This is ideal if you love to entertain as it will create extra seclusion for you and your guests. Place an arbour over your dining area, and once the flowering plants start to grow along it, your guests will feel sheltered from the outside world, as well as be protected from the sun and light showers. 

5. Hang a Bed Swing From a Tree

Have a secluded area in your backyard that’s also home to a strong tree? Hang a bed swing from the tree and create the perfect reading nook. Fill the swing with pillows and blankets and plant beautiful flowers and plants around it to foster privacy and seclusion. 

If you need a relaxing spot in your backyard to get away when you need to, use one of these secret garden ideas to create a space to unwind!