DIY Fun: What to Do with Leftover Siding

If you’ve just completed a siding project for your house, you likely have some leftovers. Instead of getting rid of it, why not create a fun DIY project for your home? If you used a siding contractor, you shouldn’t have too much leftover siding, but if you do, there are DIY projects big and small! DIY siding projects are fun to do and won’t require as much labour as covering your house with siding.

Vinyl siding would be perfect for these projects. Gentek’s vinyl siding is strong, durable and maintenance-free, providing you with quality for whatever project you take on! So buckle up and let’s get started!

1. DIY Birdhouse

Do you often find birds flying around your yard? Why not create a matching birdhouse that compliments your exterior? Not only will this bring life into your backyard, it will also give the birds some extra protection and shield them from the elements. It will be so much less labour-intensive than covering your own home, and your chirpy friends will love it! Start with making a plywood structure, or use an existing birdhouse, cut out 2” inch strips of siding and layer the pieces one on top of another, nailing them in as you go!

2. DIY Mailbox

Old school, stand-alone mailboxes are so incredibly charming. If you have a Victorian or traditional style home, a mailbox would compliment it perfectly. Using your leftover siding, you’ll be able to create a sturdy long-lasting mailbox that will act as a shield for your important mail, plus it will add gorgeous curb appeal to your exterior.

3. DIY Dog House

You’ll need a little more siding for this project, but if you have a hefty amount of leftovers, a dog house could be the perfect solution for your four-legged friend! If your dog spends lots of time outside, you’ll be able to provide comfort for them and protection from the elements. Since siding is weather-resistant, they’ll be comfortable in most temperatures, and the durability of the siding ensures your dog house will be long-lasting. You can also paint it whatever shade you choose and you won’t have to worry about the paint chipping off like it would with wood!

4. DIY Garden Shed

You don’t have to make an entire garden shed out of siding, but you can add siding and trim to your garden shed so it matches your house. This will give your space unity and make you feel right at home while you’re gardening in your yard.

5. DIY House Numbers

DIY house numbers are the perfect if you want a minimal siding project. Your house numbers should be uniquely yours and this is a creative way to make them just that. Cutting your own house numbers allows you to design them any way you want – choosing your own font, size and colour to compliment your exterior.

Leftover siding allows you to create fun and beautiful DIY projects around your home. Use your creativity and put that leftover siding to good use!