Creative Ways to Use Siding On Your Home

Is it time to switch up the aesthetic of your home exterior? If so, consider the different creative ways you can use siding on your home. While you may be used to seeing siding a certain way on home exteriors in your neighbourhood, know that you don’t have to play it safe. If you’re feeling bored with the facade of your home, you can switch up your siding to not only make a statement, but protect your home in the most stylish way. Quality siding is strong, durable, low maintenance, and allows you to rest easy that your home is safe from outdoor hazards and the harsh elements. Ready to see how you can get creative with your siding?

Combine Vertical and Horizontal Placement

Siding is often placed on home exteriors either horizontally or vertically- most often in horizontal patterns. This is a beautiful way to use siding, however, if you’re looking to add more personality to your home, consider installing some of your siding horizontally and some of it vertically. For example, you could install it horizontally on the bottom half of your home exterior, and vertically on the top triangular-shaped parts of your home. Mixing and matching directions and textures for your siding is key to creating a home that stands out among the rest.

Choose Eye-Catching Colours

The siding colour you choose can also completely transform your home exterior. While neutral colours are timeless, think about using different shades to show off your personality and the unique style of your home. Consider blues, reds, greens, yellows and oranges to ensure your home makes a gorgeous statement. All of Gentek’s siding options are durable and long lasting, so you don’t have to worry about them fading or chipping in harsh weather or in the sun. The colour stays vibrant for years so you won’t have to repaint or replace your siding of choice.

Size Matters

Along with colour, you can also choose different sizes for your siding. Some sliding slats are wider, while others are slimmer, so you have to decide the look you want. Just like having your siding go in different directions, you can also have some slimmer siding in areas, and wider slats in other areas. Wider siding will give your home more of a barn house feel, while thinner siding will give your home a more modern vibe.

Siding Material

There are plenty of siding materials to choose from, and there are even siding materials made to look like other materials. For example, many homeowners love the look of wood for their exterior, but wood is much less durable and higher maintenance than many other materials. Steel siding like Distinction Siding has been made to look like real wood, but doesn’t require any of the maintenance. Fiber Cement Siding comes in a variety of textures and profiles, depending on the look you want for your home. First, you need to decide what look you’re going for, and then choose a material that works for you in terms of aesthetics and maintenance.

Changing up the siding on your home exterior will give your house a refresh. Use these creative ideas to update the siding on your home!