Cottage-Style Front Doors: Yes or No?

Your front door is the first impression your home gives to guests and passersby. It sets the tone and style for your home, making whatever statement you choose to give off. Cottage-style front doors give character to your exterior, and make a quiet and welcoming statement. With different styles and colours, you can give your entrance way that charming cottage character you’ve always dreamed of.

A beautiful door conveys the personality of the homeowner, and is able to draw people in with its warmth. Curb appeal is so important whether you plan to stay in your home or eventually sell. The cottage-style door trend isn’t for everyone, but if it makes you swoon, here are 3 ways to incorporate cottage-style front doors.

The Colour

The colour you choose for your front door will have a big impact on the rest of your exterior, and will help give off the vibe you’re going for. If you’re looking to create cottage character, you want a colour that compliments the quaint, charming and rustic vibe of a cottage. Gentek offers a wide variation of paint colours so you can choose one that fits your style best.

Colours like Wedgewood Blue and Old World Blue reference seaside hues found at coastal cottages, while shades like Venetian Red and Black will give a more vintage, charming feel. You could also go with Slate or Dover Gray for gray hues that are warm and welcoming.

The Style

Gentek’s classic doors come in plenty of styles to choose from. The grid windows give off that cottage charm, and decorative glass provides a welcoming facade. If you have certain cottage style in mind, you can always customize your door with Gentek’s First Impressions doors. This will allow you to design the door the way you please, giving you the cottage look you envision.

The Details

The accessories and furnishings you use around your front door can also give it that cottage feel. Think about adding a porch swing or pillow-plumped bench in the same colour as your door to give your porch an extra cozy vibe. You can also use accessories like flower pots and boxes, a basket or watering can, or a wicker chair with comfortable throw pillows. All these details will enhance a cottage-style front door to give off the charming vibe you desire.

So, what do you say? Are you digging cottage-style front doors? What look do you envision for your home?