Cottage Solution: The Look Of Wood Without The Work

Backyard of House with Patio

The cottage is a place to get away and put aside the stress of fast-paced modern life. But if you’re spending too much of your time at the cottage maintaining the cottage, it’s time to seek some solutions. Gentek is here to help.

Inspired by the beauty of the Canadian woods, Northern Forest Elite ultra-premium vinyl siding will give your home or cottage the distinctive allure of a natural wood finish without the time-consuming upkeep. This premium product is manufactured exclusively by Gentek Building Products – a building products industry leader for nearly 50 years.

The secret to Northern Forest Elite’s remarkably realistic wood appearance is in Gentek’s  Integrated Variegated Colour manufacturing process. Just as the passing seasons leave subtle shadings in the grain of real wood, Gentek’s multi-toned colouring technology masterfully recreates the alluring appeal of hand-brushed stained cedar.

By applying various shades and densities of warm, earthy hues in non-repeating patterns, Gentek’s unique finishing process gives each panel its own distinctive appearance. A light cedar-grain emboss further imparts the traditional beauty of hand-cut cedar planks.

Northern Forest Elite’s heavy-duty construction and easy-care features require minimal upkeep.  Each panel is solid colour throughout, so it won’t chip, flake and blister like painted surfaces.  And unlike wood, it won’t rot and warp due to moisture.

Here are a few more attributes that make Northern Forest Elite the ideal choice:

Extra-Heavy Wall Thickness:  Heavy-duty .046″ thickness provides superior rigidity, ensuring straight, smooth walls.

Full-Roll Nailing Hem: Provides double-strength wall attachment.

Exclusive Advantage Lock System: Securely connects panels, greatly enhancing rigidity
and stability.

Hurricane Tough: In laboratory tests simulating hurricane-force wind conditions, Northern Forest Elite withstood windloads up to 407 km/h (253 mph).

Backed to the Max: Northern Forest Elite ultra-premium vinyl siding is backed by a lifetime limited, non-prorated, transferable warranty with hail protection and lifetime fade coverage. Ask your dealer for a copy of the Gentek vinyl siding warranty.