Coordinate or Contrast? Tips for Door, Shutter and Siding Combinations

Seemingly endless home exterior design choices exist–from bold door colours to elegant siding profiles–that enable you to create the outdoor exterior of your dreams. Whether you’re following trends or making your own bold decisions, follow these guidelines to transform the front of your home!

Coordinate or Contrast Colour Palettes? 

Find inspiration in your home’s outdoor surroundings. If you have a lush lawn and robust shrubbery, trees or bushes in front of your house, use them to guide and coordinate your exterior colours. A dark, bold green front door works well with siding in a pale colour such as muted yellow or off-white to offset the intensity.

Contrast For First Impressions 

Bright colours really pop when paired with darker hues on the front of your home. For some serious curb appeal, try a cherry red door if your home has white panelling and black shutters. This is especially impactful if your house is in great shape but needs a little boost. Or try a rare or unexpected colour, such orange or red-orange, which contrasts well with white shutters and a pale-colour siding. 

Sunny and bright contrasts will look playful on the exterior of your home. For example, dark siding, in a darker blue or green, with a yellow door and shutters will help your house shine even when it’s not so sunny outside. 

Elegant Exteriors

If you’re striving for elegance, white or off-white cladding on your home exterior is classic with black. Raised-panel black shutters matched with a black door offer a striking and prestigious facade.

Classic colonial red-brick homes need a timeless colour combination. Black shutters and white beams, plus a walnut or darker wood door result in a sophisticated and timeless exterior.  Coordinate for Neutrality and Warmth 

Farmhouse Style

If your home has white siding, adding dark wood shutters and a matching front door can produce an inviting, farmhouse-style feel. For a more traditional country farm facade, contrast crisp white siding with apple-red shutters and front door.  

Rustic or Cottage Feel 

It’s all about the greens! Olive green board-and-batten shutters with a matching front door create a warm, cottage-style exterior. Cabins in the woods or mountains look incredible with a muted green siding contrasted with oak shutters and a wooden front door. Green and natural tones and elements blend seamlessly in a wooded environment. 

When upgrading the exterior of your home, note the surroundings you could seamlessly blend with such as your lawn or shrubbery. Remember to contrast colours to make your home really pop for first impressions, or coordinate colours to create a warm, inviting home exterior.