Coming Soon: Solar Shield S3 – The Window for Canada’s Climate


Homeowners are looking to find the most energy efficient windows for their home. The solution is on its way, as Gentek prepares to launch its new Solar Shield S3 product on October 1.  This new glass package offers Gentek’s most energy efficient option.

Ultra-efficient performance is achieved through the use of three microscopic layers of silver within the coating of the glass. While many residential windows have only one or two layers, this third silver layer helps reduce absorption of the sun’s heat on hot summer days and retain more of your home’s warmth on cold winter nights.

Some highlights of this exciting new window option:

  • Lower U-factor for reduced heat loss and greater insulation performance in winter
  • Lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient keeps homes cooler in summer
  • Clear, crisp views – 62% of the sun’s visible light shines through the glass, while 73% of unwanted solar heat is blocked
  • The penetration of harmful UV rays is reduced to 5%, helping to prevent damage to interior woodwork, carpets and furnishings



Regency windows with Solar Shield S3 insulated glass offer triple silver performance power and are ideal for climates with hot summer and cold winters. Sound like any place you know?

The combination of dual glazing, Super Spacer structural foam spacer, S3 Low-E glass and argon glass helps ensure a more balanced and comfortable indoor climate year-round.


The windows in your home offer much more than a view. Investing in Gentek’s high-quality, great-looking Regency windows with Solar Shield S3 is a wise choice that will pay off in many ways, for years to come.