Colour & Design Inspiration Starts Here

From the front door of your home to the siding and roof, colour is the key in achieving your ideal exterior design. And while a classic colour palette is a safe choice, today’s design options are alive with designer colours that will add eye-catching drama and depth.


It’s Your Home – Make It Shine


Gentek’s Sequoia Select EnFusion insulating siding system makes it easy to transform your home from basic to beyond beautiful.


When choosing your colour scheme, a good starting point is to first consider what type of exterior design appeals to you. Do you prefer monochromatic designs in a neutral shade, or are you drawn to bold colours with contrasting accents? Stand back and take a fresh “first look” at your home. Starting from the top down, consider the colour of the roof, siding, windows, trim, accents and front door. It’s also a good idea to take a look at your landscaping and even the neighbors’ homes next to yours to determine if anything might impact your colour choices.


Choose Darker Colours with Confidence


Never fear, darker siding colours will keep their beautiful appearance, thanks to fade-defying colour technology. Gentek’s darker sidings are fortified with ChromaTrue® to ensure superior colour retention and a highly weatherable finish. This advanced copolymer compound provides a strong layer of protection against fading while also resisting chemical stains, dings and abrasions. For added peace of mind, Sequoia Select EnFusion carries a lifetime limited warranty against fading – see printed warranty for complete details.


Ready, Set, Go!


Once you have a few inspiring designs in mind, let Gentek Sequoia Select EnFusion take the lead with its beautiful array of colours and trim accents. From neutral Almond and Canyon Clay to richer hues in Harvest Wheat and Moonlit Moss, Sequoia Select EnFusion has everything you need to give your home the perfect measure of personality and style.


For example, pairing deep Venetian Red siding with a soft shade of trim in beige or gray can achieve classic elegance with a refreshing twist. Or go in the opposite direction, matching Venetian Red siding with bold architectural accents in deep brown or dark gray for an infusion of historic character and charm. With Sequoia Select EnFusion’s versatile colour palette, the design possibilities are wide open and ready for you to explore!


Added Bonus: Not only will this ultra-premium insulating siding system wrap your home in a superb finish, it will enhance the energy efficiency year-round – keeping you warm and cozy in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer with less energy usage!