Check Out These Almost-Free Outdoor Updates

With summer arriving soon, it’s the best time to start outdoor updates around your home. You may have gotten away with little to no maintenance or upgrades during the winter, but the nicer weather calls for some exterior TLC. Don’t worry, outdoor updates don’t have to mean tons of time and money; there are plenty of ways to upgrade your exterior on a budget!

These updates will help bring life and personality to your home exterior. They’ll help your front and backyard look like new, without the high price tag of a complete overhaul. From repainting your front door and patio furniture, to the addition of small touches that pack a big impact, here are 5 almost-free updates to do on your home this year.

1. Re-Paint Your Front Door

Re-painting your front door is a simple update that makes a major difference. It can completely change the look and vibe of your home, giving it that refreshed feel you’ve been waiting for. When choosing the new colour for your door, make sure you coordinate it with the colour of your siding, trim, shutters, roof, etc. Don’t get overly excited and paint it without considering the rest of your home and how it will all work together!

2. Add Shutters

Shutters are a timeless and beautiful way to accent the outside of your home, plus they don’t require a huge investment. If you look at your home and feel like there’s something missing, shutters could make all the difference. They complement both traditional and contemporary-style homes, so you really can’t go wrong!

3. Create a Small Garden

Landscaping can be a huge investment, but you don’t have to go all out to create something stunning for your yard. A small garden is simple yet elegant and won’t burn a hole in your wallet. You can create one in an afternoon, using flowers that will last for the season. A flowerbed requires maintenance since you have to water it, but it’s a small price to pay for a gorgeous outdoor garden.

4. String Lights

Add a magical touch to your outdoor space with the addition of string lights. Depending on your space, you can hang them on your front porch railing, your backyard fence, above your seating area, in the trees, or on a garden pergola. Every yard is different, so you can get creative with them and hang them in a style that suits your outdoor space.

5. Custom Paint Your Patio Furniture

If you have the same patio furniture you’ve used for the past few years, custom paint it to give it a brand new look. Patio furniture can start to look aged and worn out after some time, so it’s a good idea to give it an upgrade. You’ll be amazed how repainting your patio furniture can totally transform your outdoor space. 

You don’t have to do an entire exterior renovation to make your home feel like new. Use these outdoor updates to get an overhaul on a budget!