Canada’s 5 Favourite Architecture Styles 

When it comes to architectural styles in our home and native land, there are a few that stand out as favourites. If you’re looking to buy or build a house, one of the most important steps is figuring out the home style you prefer. Your preferences and personality come together to determine the right style for you and the vibe you want your home to portray. Whatever style you choose, Gentek has amazing exterior cladding products to help you create the look you want! Take a look at Canada’s 5 favourite architectural styles to find the perfect one for you!

1. Ranch Style

Ranch style homes have been popular for decades, and while they became overshadowed by two-storey living in the 70’s, many homeowners today love the charm and ease of ranch style living. Ranch style homes refer to any single story home with a long horizontal footprint. They often have an attached patio or deck and are known for their low rooflines and open layouts.

The long horizontal layout of ranch style homes allows for easy connection to the outdoors. Most rooms have a view of both the front and backyard of the home, and the long layout creates space between living and sleeping areas. Ranch homes are ideal for people who don’t want to take the stairs up and down, as well as those who prefer an open layout for their home.

2. Cottage Style

Cottage style homes are small, charming and quaint. Ideal for homeowners who don’t want to take care of a bigger home, they’re recommended for those who enjoy warmth and comfort. They often have a large front porch, which acts as an extension of the home and have an attic for extra space and added personality. 

You’ll often find small, welcoming touches that give cottage style homes their charm. From breakfast nooks to fireplaces, cottage style homes may be small, but they’re full of character. Many people opt for cottage style homes for their vacation homes given their smaller size and charming appeal.

3. Traditional Style

The traditional style refers to a range of home building styles, which each have their own unique features. Traditional styles include Victorian, Colonial and Neo-Classical, and although they differ in origin, they all have common features. 

Features of traditional style homes include large, open porches with overhanging beams and rafters, dormers, and a tall, pointed roof with one or more gables. Traditional homes have a relatively large footprint, but are typically divided into a number of small, single-purpose rooms.

4. Modern Style

Modern architecture was inspired by the historical art movement of modernism. It focuses on function over design, and clean geometric lines. Modern homes are often boxy and geometric with a flat roof, and lines repeated throughout the interior design. They’re typically made from glass, steel and concrete, and commonly feature solid white walls.

Modern style homes favour a minimalist style, with few ornamentations and an open floor plan. Floor to ceiling windows are a common feature in modern homes, and they’re designed to work in surrounding features from the landscape into the architectural plan.

5. Craftsman Style 

Craftsman style homes are known and loved for their simplistic design. They place an emphasis on natural materials and are typically symmetrical structures. They often have low-pitched roofs with gables, overhanging eaves and wide front porches with tapered columns. 

Craftsman style homes have compact but open interiors, and you’ll often find built-in furniture, bookcases and eating nooks inside. They often have fireplaces and exposed beams, and place an emphasis on natural materials like wood, stone and brick.

We hope this post helped you decide on the perfect home style for you! And don’t forget- Gentek’s cladding products can help you create any one of these styles seamlessly!