Bring the Warmth of Wood Inside This Spring with ChamClad 

Spring is somewhat of an unpredictable season. Depending on the year, it can be rainy, snowy, cold or warm, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. No matter the temperature outside, it’s always a good idea to increase the warmth inside your home, and you can do this easily with the right products and materials. Faux wood walls and ceilings are two of the best ways to elevate the warmth of your home, without any of the maintenance that comes with using real wood. And we have just the product to help you get the look! ChamClad interior siding is modern and stylish, and no one will be able to believe it’s not the real thing! If you want the look of real wood without the maintenance or high price tag, take a look at all that ChamClad has to offer!

All About ChamClad

ChamClad is one of our specialty siding products here at Gentek. Offered in a variety of high-end woodgrain metallic, solid and anodized finishes, it’s modern and stylish, and works for a variety of home styles. It’s manufactured with 100% Canadian-made recycled PVC and LEED compliant, and offers outstanding rigidity and strength. It’s simple to instal, with versatile V-groove and U-channel profiles embedded into the same panel, and is available in exterior and interior applications. ChamClad panels experience minimal expansion and contraction and no warping so you don’t have to worry about replacing it. It’s extremely low maintenance so fits in with perfectly busy lifestyles.

Where to Use ChamClad in Your Home

If you’re looking to bring the warmth of wood inside this spring, there are a number of ways you can use ChamClad inside your home. They offer the perfect products for interior walls and ceiling design, being impervious to moisture and bacterial growth. If you’re looking for a product with low to no maintenance, ChamClad is for you! Check out the best places to use ChamClad to increase the warmth of your home interior!


Sunrooms typically have lots of windows, giving you plenty of access to nature and the outdoors. Elevate the feeling of nature in your sunroom by using ChamClad panels for your walls and ceiling. It will give the room extra warmth and character. Windows with black frames look especially great against faux wood walls.

Man Cave

Want to update your man cave? Add in faux wood walls using ChamClad! It will create a warm and comfortable vibe, perfect for watching sports or hanging out with friends. While real wood can be expensive and hard to maintain, ChamClad offers a low maintenance option that will make your man cave the most wonderful retreat.

Living Room

Your living room is another great space for ChamClad walls and ceiling design, especially if you’re craving a more rustic feel. Finish off the look with big, cozy furniture and metallic accents that will elevate and modernize the faux wood.

Ready to bring the warmth inside this spring? ChamClad is a beautiful, low maintenance option that won’t disappoint!