Bold Statement or “No Way!”? Navy and Pink as Exterior Combinations

Have you ever considered navy blue and millennial pink for your exterior colour palette? If you’re looking to make a bold and trendy statement with your home, this colour combination may just be your best bet.

Millennial pink hit the design world by storm in 2016 (although shades of pale pink have been popular for decades) and now you can find everything from sofas to rugs to kitchenware in the stylish colour. If having a bold home exterior intrigues you, here’s how to make navy blue and millennial pink work for your home.

Neutral Reigns Supreme

If you’re designing the exterior of your home with navy and pink, it’s important you use the colour combination in the most appealing way. Since navy is the neutral colour in this duo, you’ll want to use it for the main colour of your exterior. This means using it for your siding.

Pink, on the other hand is a stronger shade. Use this as your accent colour, for example, on your front door. A millennial pink door is unique and gives your home a warm and welcoming feel, especially when paired with a deep colour like navy. Stick with white trim around the door and windows so the other colours really pop.

Bring In Additional Accents

Enhance the pop of millennial pink in your door with other pink decor and accessories. Everything from bright pink flowers to rose pink pillows on a front porch bench will bring your space together seamlessly. Keep in mind, the pinks don’t have to be all the same colour. Opt for softer pinks if you incorporate pillows to make your porch feel even cozier.

Add Stylish Fixtures

You should also consider the fixtures you’ll use (outdoor wall sconces, door hardware, etc.) to pair with the navy and pink colour combination. Since navy and pink are both bold colours, it’s ideal to stick to more subtle colours for your fixtures, such as antique bronze or a light black. Don’t skimp on design, though. Opt for stylish fixtures that add to the character and charm of your home.

Keep Your Landscaping Simple Yet Fresh

With eye-catching colours like navy and pink, keep your landscaping subtle, yet fresh. Pull in colours that compliment your exterior, incorporating shades of pink to emphasize your door. Make sure any trees, bushes or hedges are pruned and shaped so they fit uniformly with your exterior and don’t distract from your colourful facade.

A navy and pink exterior may seem out of your comfort zone at first, but done in the right way, you’ll have the most gorgeous home on your block. Implement these ideas for a colourful exterior that pops in the best way!