Board & Batten Siding: Classic Looks, Modern Maintenance


There’s something timeless about the appeal of Board & Batten. The look dates back to pioneer days, when home builders used roughly sawn planks of wood to cover the exterior of log homes and buildings. The planks were vertically joined side by side and reinforced by applying a narrow strip of wood – a batten – over each joint.

In those days, it wasn’t about looks. The innovative structure of Board & Batten provided substantial strength and weatherability, but the combination of planks and strips of wood did add an attractive finish.

Today’s Board & Batten Siding from Gentek expertly combines traditional elegance with modern practicality and advanced vinyl technology to achieve an exceptional exterior for your home.

We invite you to compare Board & Batten’s impressive construction to other siding choices. It is durable and dent-resistant, and the solid vinyl colour won’t chip, flake and blister like painted surfaces. Unlike wood, it won’t rot and warp due to moisture. Your home will maintain its fresh-looking finish season after season.

Maintenance is another big plus. Forget ladders, paint and labour-intensive upkeep. An occasional rinse with a garden hose will remove most dust and dirt to help keep your home looking like new.

This masterfully crafted siding features a light roughsawn texture in a full array of beautiful hues as well as distinctive variegated colours with intertwining earth tones, creating a look of eye-pleasing casual elegance.

There are many good reasons why vinyl siding is the No. 1 choice of exterior cladding across Canada and the U.S. Effectively recreating the distinctive beauty of freshly painted wood, vinyl siding is prized by homeowners for its classic appearance, exceptional durability, easy upkeep and great value.

More good news: as a sustainable material with a long lifespan, vinyl siding helps conserve wood often used in home construction. And because it never needs to be painted, it helps reduce the use of paint, stain, caulk and other products that can harm the earth.