Black Kitchens: Yay Or No Way?

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home when it comes to design. It’s the room where you spend lots of time in, whether you’re cooking dinner for guests, getting snacks together for the kids, or enjoying breakfast around the island as a family. It’s the heart of the home and should be designed functionally and aesthetically for your lifestyle. 

A black kitchen doesn’t mean everything in your kitchen has to be black- but main features like your cabinets, kitchen island block, window frames, and light fixtures would be in the dark shade. What do you think? Would you love to have a black kitchen or does the thought of it make you nervous? Here are the pros and cons of black kitchens, as well as tips to make them work!

Pro: On Trend and Visually Appealing

If you do it right, a black kitchen has the potential to put all other kitchens to shame. Black kitchens are very on trend right now, and seeing as black is such a classic and versatile colour, there’s no reason for it to go out of style. Black kitchens are bold, striking and unique, and they add a dose of personality to any home. 

Con: Dark Colours Are Harder To Keep Clean

Dark colours, especially black, are the hardest to keep clean. If you decide to go with black cabinets, a black island and/or black floors, note that they will show everything, so it will take extra effort to keep them looking nice all the time. If you don’t mind the upkeep, this may not be a huge deal, but it’s something to keep in mind! 

Tip: Choose Your Shade

Not all blacks are created equal, and it’s up to you (or your designer) to find the one that will work for your home. When choosing your shade of black, you’ll have to take into consideration the natural light you have coming in, the surrounding rooms, and your personal preferences towards different shades of black. Grab a few swatches and hold them up against your hardware and appliances to find the perfect shade for you! 

Tip: Add Lots of Light

If you’re going to go for a black kitchen, make sure there’s plenty of light coming in- preferably natural light! Good lighting is key to the success of a room with dark features. A black kitchen with low light can feel dreary and drab. If you don’t have big windows, make sure you have lots of indoor lighting.

Tip: Mix in Lighter Accents

You’ll rarely find an all-black kitchen, and for good reason. You have to add in some lighter accents for a black kitchen to work. Think: white subway tile, a light wood butcher block countertop, colourful stools, or a big white island. These accents will keep your kitchen from looking too dark and gloomy. 

Tip: Play With Textures and Finishes 

With a black kitchen, it’s important to bring in warmth to the space. A great way to do this is with textures and finishes. A textured tile backsplash in a Moroccan print is a gorgeous way to add personality to your kitchen, and finishes like open wood shelving and marble farmhouse sinks can bring serious warmth to your space. A long rug that runs in front of your cabinets and sink is another great way to play with colours and textures. 

Considering a black kitchen? Take these pros, cons and tips into consideration before you say yay or no way!