Before and After: How a Porch and Landscaping Can Expose a Beautiful Home

Some homes are diamonds in the rough. All they need is a little love to expose their true beauty. Upgrading your porch and landscaping are two ways to transform your home exterior and reveal just how stunning your home really is.

Many old homes have good, sturdy bones with classic architectural features. Your diamond in the rough may be run down after years of wear and neglect, but it doesn’t mean it’s a lost causes. In fact, renovating an older home often results in a more beautiful finished product due to its charm and character. Here’s how to update your porch and landscaping to expose a beautiful home.  

Add New Railings and Columns

Run down railings and columns are a clear sign of an aging home. Some older homes even have dated metal pole columns that are anything but beautiful. Add a decorative railing that matches the exterior style of your home as well as new square or round columns. These two things alone will make a world of a difference!

Replace Your Front Door

Many homeowners don’t realize what a huge difference a new front door can make! Replacing your front door and updating the style and colour can completely transform the look of your porch. Gentek offers entry doors in an array of styles and privacy options, or you might consider a customized door made just for your home!

Add Porch Furniture

Make your porch warm and inviting with the addition of porch furniture! Depending on the amount of space you have, you can add anything from a porch swing, to wicker chairs, to a rug and even a bistro set. If you don’t have as much space, little touches like a doormat, porch lanterns and planters can make a big difference!

Simple, Yet Effective Landscaping

Front yard landscaping shouldn’t be over the top. You want it to compliment your porch and exterior in a subtle yet striking way. Remove overgrown bushes and shrubs and trim your grass so it’s nice and tame. If you’re craving colour, add flower beds bursting with a variety of textures and shades and hang flower pots from the porch. If you want to keep it simpler, add small shrubs and perhaps some fruit trees.

Add a Beautiful Walkway

Another way to add visual appeal to your exterior is with a beautiful walkway. Even something as simple as a gravel walkway leading from your driveway to your front steps can have a lovely effect. You can also play around with different shapes (curved or straight) and a range of materials from concrete to stone for your walkway. If you’re worried about safety, consider adding pillars or light fixtures to your walkway as well!

Upgrading your porch and landscaping can completely alter your home, exposing its true grace and beauty! Implement these tips to have your home exterior looking its very best!

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