Before and After: Creating Entertaining Spaces 

We’ve all been in one. An incredibly inviting space in a home that can entertain, comfort, delight, and serve as the ultimate hosting space for any number of guests. Rather than scramble to get a room in your home ready to host for family gatherings or hanging out with friends, create a space that’s designed to entertain at any moment. A space that’s cozy and casual for your family, yet modern and adaptably suited for more formal gatherings. Whether you want to create one room or an entire home suitable for entertaining, read these 4 tips to create the perfect space to gather and entertain.

Make a Plan

Before you create the ultimate gathering spot in your home, don’t forget that this space should be most importantly suitable for you and your lifestyle. Consider your favourite ways to entertain, and be wary of creating a space right out of a magazine or a blog just because it looks nice. If you like to entertain outdoors, shift your attention to the backyard or patio. If you appreciate art, make it the focal point of your entertaining space and ensemble other pieces and furniture around it. If you live in a home with young children, your hosting priorities are going to be quite different than an empty nesters’. Think realistically about the type of entertaining you can see yourself doing in the near future, and ideas that will work in the layout of your home.

Design a Welcoming Foyer

Make sure your foyer is inviting and welcoming, as this space will set the tone for visiting guests. A group of guests entering this area should have enough space for all of them to take their coats off. Include a place to sit near the front door, as some of your (older) guests may need to take a seat to take their shoes off or have a rest. A wooden bench is always a great piece for decoration, and add small accents like plants and picture frames to give the space a touch of warmth and life.

Create Multiple Seating Areas

It’s the worst feeling when you’re at a party but can’t find anywhere to sit. Any great entertaining space can comfortably accommodate a large number of people, and is set up with spatial awareness to invite conversation among guests. The only thing worse than not finding anywhere to sit at a party is finally finding a spot and having to shout at the person you want to talk to because their chair is too far away from yours. Remain spatially aware when configuring the seating in a particular room.


As we say to all homeowners, family, friends, and completely random strangers, good lighting is everything! Set the mood with lighting and create the desired feeling for the particular event in question. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, an intimate dinner party or a grande soiree, each one has  very different lighting requirements. Dimmers are an inexpensive addition that can set the mood for any occasion.

There you have it, 4 simple ways to incorporate elements into your home to create the ultimate gathering space.