Are Skylights Worth the Risk? Pros and Cons

Skylights are one of the top ways to elevate and add beauty to your home. They open your space to the gorgeous blue sky and let the sun shine in, brightening your space. However, without an experienced roofing contractor and a high quality skylight, the costs of having a skylight could out weight the benefits. One thing’s for sure: If you’re going to install a skylight, you want to do it right. Check out the pros and cons of having a skylight in your home.


Let the Light In

The biggest draw of skylights is that they let light into your home in rooms that may otherwise be dark and dreary. Perhaps you have an office or bathroom that’s located in a part of the home with a very small window or even no window at all. Incorporate a skylight to brighten it up. On the other hand, skylights also work in rooms with lots of windows. You can never have too much light, right?

A+ Aesthetics

There’s no denying that skylights are gorgeous. They demand the attention of any room they’re placed in, and for good reason. Not only are skylights beautiful themselves, but they open your room up to the sky, which adds an open, airy vibe to any space.


If you opt for a venting skylight, you can enjoy fresh air that comes through when you open it up. Just make sure it’s within reach so you can take full advantage of the venting function. Venting is especially key for rooms that don’t get much fresh air, so keep that in mind when planning where you’ll put your skylight.


High Cost

Putting in a skylight is definitely an investment. They’re expensive to install, to maintain and they can also increase your energy bills. Of course, this depends on the type of skylight you choose to go with. Investing in Velux skylights (sold through Gentek) can actually increase the energy efficiency of your house and reduce your energy bills!

Potential Furniture Damage

When strong UV rays shine into your home they have the potential of discolouring and damaging your furniture. Invest in a skylight that’s laminated or tempered glass with low-e or tinted coating. This will protect your furniture from UV rays and heat that could damage it.

Potential Roof Leaks

If you don’t invest in a high quality skylight, you might be in for roof leaks which can cause major damage to your home. Make sure you’re not buying skylights that are glazed with plastic – they wear out quickly and become discolored. To avoid roof leaks, make sure there’s a curb installed. A curb is a raised watertight lip that deflects water. A good quality skylight with a curb should divert any roof leaks.

If you’re thinking of installing a skylight, investing in a high quality skylight is the only way to go. Velux skylights are available through Gentek, so visit your local retailer to assess which model is right for your home!