Affordable, Long-Lasting, Well-Insulated Fiberglass Doors

May 6 Blog

For many years, the new construction and renovation industry has relied on entry doors made of steel and wood.  That’s quickly changing, as the many benefits of fiberglass doors gain greater recognition.

Fiberglass doors generally fall between steel and wood in price. But they last for a very long time  — often twice as long as wood or steel – and their foam core offers an excellent energy efficiency rating which exceeds that offered by steel and wooden doors. Many models offer warranties that extend as long as the buyer lives in the house.

Part of the reason for its durability is that fiberglass expands or contracts very little as the temperature changes.  In a reasonably protected location, a fiberglass entry door can go for years without needing a paint or stain touch-up and can last 15 to 20 years overall.  They work very well in harsh and humid climates, making the material ideal for both Canadian winters and summers.

While no material is maintenance-free, fiberglass is about as close as it comes. And when they do require painting, staining or cleaning, fiberglass surfaces make the process simple.

Although it feels light to the touch, fiberglass has a very stout coating that’s difficult for an intruder to breach, adding security to the list of many attributes.

Fiberglass doors come in an immense variety of styles, many of which accurately mimic the look of real wood. It’s definitely a product to consider for your renovation or new home project.