8 Outdoor Winter Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

Winter is on its way, which means it’s time to start decorating your home exterior for the snowy season. There are so many ways to add festive, holiday vibes to your home before your guests even open the door. These decor ideas will stand up to Canadian winters and make your home look as cozy and inviting outside as it feels inside!

1. A firewood stack

A stack of firewood will give off the ultimate cozy, rustic vibe for your home exterior. Stack it up against the front of your home (on your porch if you have the room) for decor that oozes charm. Whether you’re actually going to use the firewood in your fireplace, or are using it purely for decor, you’re going to love how it looks against your home!

2. A gorgeous wreath

A wreath is an easy way to add holiday charm to the front of your home. You can buy one or DIY one yourself with evergreen needles and pine cones. Choose or create a winter wreath that will pop against your door colour.

3. Mini Christmas trees

If you celebrate Christmas, why not add a few mini Christmas trees on your porch? Deck them out with lights and lay a tree skirt beneath them so the holiday vibes start before you even step inside. Who said Christmas trees can only be put up inside, anyways?

4. Swooping garlands

Swooping garlands are a great way to add a festive feel to your outdoor decor. Sweep garlands across your porch and up your handrails. Garlands offer hints of natural texture and are the perfect way to say ‘happy holidays’ with your outdoor space. Add bows to the ends more even more festive flair.

5. Go for tartan

A tartan or plaid pattern always makes a space feel more comfortable, especially an outdoor space in the wintertime. If you have a bench or chairs on your porch, add a tartan blanket and tartan throw pillows to enhance the cozy vibes.

6. Warm accents

To make the exterior of your home feel toasty come winter, warm accents are a must! Add synthetic wicker chairs (which can be kept outside during winter), or a wooden bench to your porch to warm it up. Another warm accent piece you can use is lanterns, either hanging from or sitting on your porch.

7. A festive doormat

Doormats have become increasingly popular over the past few years, which means there are so many options to choose from. A festive doormat does double duty, adding warmth to your porch, while also making sure your guests wipe the snow and dirt off their shoes before they step inside.

8. String lights

What better way to add a touch of cheerfulness to your home exterior by decorating with string lights? Hang them up along the edge of your roof, along your porch railing, or intertwined with garland around your door. However you choose to use string lights, they’re sure to add winter charm to your exterior.

It’s time to start decorating for the winter season! Use these tips and ideas to make your home shine!