6 reasons why January is the perfect month to talk exterior renos

young couple planning decoration project of their new home with blueprint

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, NOW is the perfect time to plan that exterior reno you’ve been talking about… and that’s where it starts, planning.


  1. Planning takes time but in January, you probably have more time than you’ve had in the past many months. You can collect your thoughts, talk with your significant other and discuss wants, needs and budgets.
  2. Talk to a pro. If there’s a quieter time for reno professionals, January is it. Whether you’re considering new windows, doors or siding, now’s the time to reach out to local professionals and get their input on products, pricing and timing.
  3. Where do you find a pro? This where the Gentek website really can help you find a local professional. Simply go to gentek.ca, click on the “CONTRACTOR LOCATOR” button and a map will appear highlighting the Gentek Premium Renovators in your area. You will see a portfolio of completed projects, reviews and all their contact information.Concept of home renovation with architecture /interior drawing and material sample background
  4. Speaking of timing, by starting in January, you will be higher up on the contractor’s “to do” list and have a far better chance of booking the professional you want, the products you need and the timing that suits you best.
  5. Budget, after the “giving and getting” of the holiday season, the word budget may seem only vaguely familiar, but more time in January gives you more perspective on what you want, what you need and what you can afford… so take the time and budget now.
  6. Inspiration, this is the fun part. You’ve done all the work, all the “due-diligence”, now comes design time. There are so many places to look for great ideas… Pinterest, Houzz and all social media are terrific ways to get started. And don’t forget to flip through designer / decorator magazines for project and colour tips and insights to help you with your exterior renovation, but above all enjoy your exciting project.