6 Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Garden Fence

A garden fence adds character to your yard, while also creating privacy for your home. Summer days are best spent outside in your backyard, so why not add to the ambiance by dressing up your garden fence? Small changes can make a big impact, and if you’re planning to spend lots of time outside, these big ideas are worth the small investment. When deciding on your garden fence and how to decorate it, make sure to keep your patio door and siding style and colour in mind, as well as your patio furniture to ensure it all works together!

Whether you have a charming white picket fence, a feather edge fence, or vinyl or bamboo fencing, here are 6 fun ways to dress up your garden fence and upgrade your outdoor space.

1. Add Planters

Adding planters to your garden fence is a great way to add dimension to your yard, while also offering plenty of functionality. They’re great for growing your own herbs like basil, rosemary and thyme, especially if you’re working with a small garden and limited space.

2. Hang String Lights

String lights will offer a subtle addition to your garden fence that will make a huge impact. Hang them along the top of your fence and light them up when the sun starts to set. They’ll up the ambiance and create a magical, enchanting vibe, which will be perfect for warm summer nights spent outside.

3. Bring Out the Paint

Have you ever considered painting a mural on your garden fence? Add a touch of whimsy or playfulness to your yard by painting a mural that complements the overall aesthetic of your exterior. Do you have kids? You can go with an underwater theme or a scene from their favourite fairytale. Otherwise, you can consider a large floral mural, birds sitting atop a painted wire, or anything else that comes to mind. Get creative, your fence is sure to be a stand out!

4. Weave Flowers

If your garden fence is feeling bare, you can weave flowers such as roses, clematis or other  plants through the pickets. This will add colour to your fence and personality to your yard. Coordinate the flowers with the plants and flowers in your garden to ensure unity in your outdoor space.

5. Hang Bird Boxes

If you love waking up to the sound of birds singing in your yard, you’ll love the idea of adding bird boxes to your garden fence. Paint them in different colours or stick to wooden bird boxes for a more traditional feel. Simply add hooks to your fence to hang the bird boxes from and watch how your yard transforms!

6. Place Painted Pots

Add life and joy to your yard by adding painted coloured pots to your garden fence. Stick to two to three colours for your pots to make sure it doesn’t look too busy or overwhelming. All you have to do is add plant hanger hooks to your fence and place the pots planted with flowers like lilies, morning glory and passion flower. You’ll step outside to a wall of colour you can enjoy every day.

If your garden fence needs some dressing up, try these ideas to add more life to your outdoor space!