6 Cheap and Chic Stair Makeover Design Ideas

If you play your cards right, your staircase can be a gorgeous focal point of your home. Up until now, you may not have given much thought to the stairs that lead you to different floors of your home, but did you know there are plenty of ways to boost the aesthetics of your home with your staircase? If your stairs are ready for a makeover, check out these 6 chic design ideas!

1. Painted Risers

If your staircase is in good shape and you’re simply looking for a way to change things up, paint the risers a different colour. It’s always nice to have the risers contrasting with the treads. If the treads are black, paint your risers white; if they’re a light to medium shade of wood, paint your risers charcoal!

2. Pretty Tile

Have you ever considered adding tile to your staircase? Tiles are great because they’re light, durable and make your home look more sophisticated. Apply tiles to the risers of your staircase so you get visual appeal when you walk up the stairs. Choose tiles in a pattern you know you’ll love for years to come!

3. A Rainbow Staircase

This design may be a little bold for your center staircase, but how about for your staircase heading down to the basement? If your basement is a designated kids’ area, a rainbow staircase is a fun way to lead in and out of the space. It’s bright, quirky and unique, and your kids are sure to love it!

4. Change Up Your Stair Runner

One of the easiest ways to makeover your staircase is by adding or changing up your stair runner. Traditional stair runners tend to be rather dull, but there are lots of beautiful options to choose from! Go for stair runners that complement and enhance the aesthetics of your home, brightening up your interior. Choose a pattern if you want something bold, or opt for a solid for a more subtle look.

5. Re-Stain Your Hardwood Staircase

If you’ve undergone a home renovation or have recently switched up the furniture in your space, your staircase may not match your interior anymore. If this is the case, re-staining your staircase could be the answer. New stains are inexpensive and give you a fun project to do on the weekend! You’ll feel so much better when your staircase flatters and enhances the rest of your space.

6. Wallpaper the Risers

Ever thought of using wallpaper on your stair risers? This idea is awesome, especially if you love the idea of wallpaper but aren’t keen on using it on your walls.  Mix and match patterns in like colours or use the same design for each of the risers. It’s a fun project and will make a gorgeous statement in your home.

Your staircase is about to become a major talking point for your guests! Use these ideas to enhance the look of your space with a chic stair makeover!