5 Ways to Use Fiber Cement Siding



If you haven’t heard of fiber cement siding, get ready for your mind to be blown. It looks like wood or masonry, but acts like concrete to withstand the harshest weather and temperatures. Fiber cement mixes wood pulp and Portland cement for durability, maintenance and affordability. Plus, it looks awesome no matter how you use it.

You can customize it perfectly to your home, and use it on the inside or out. It’s extremely versatile, available in different shapes and sizes, colours and stains. Or if you like DIYs, it comes ready to paint! You can go contemporary or traditional, rustic or bright. The options are truly endless.

Whether you’re already set on using fiber cement siding, or this is your first introduction, take a look at 5 ways to use fiber cement siding for your home.

1. A Home Extension

Thinking of adding on a home extension? Make it pop, or compliment the rest of your house with fiber cement siding. By painting the panels you can add contrast to your exterior, or keep it consistent with the rest of your home. Also keep in mind, you can use products like heat-reflective paint to ensure minimal heat stress on your new extension.

2. Update Your Floors

If you’re craving the look of cement floors, but the cost is out of your budget, install smooth fiber cement panels instead. You’ll get the stylish look you want at a fraction of the cost! You can paint, finish and customize them to your style and add a sleek, contemporary look to your home!

3. Cottage/ Boat House Living

Fiber cement siding is an ideal material to use for your cottage or boat house. Not only is it extremely durable, it looks like traditional wood siding, which perfectly plays to the aesthetics of either of these dwellings. The wood paneled look can be rustic and cozy, or painted bright hues for summery, waterfront vibes. There are so many options for cabin living.

4. Accent Wall

Incorporating an accent wall is a great way to create a focal point in your home, whether it’s in your living room, dining area, kitchen, or foyer. Install it shiplap-style for a gorgeous look that pops! You can have the look of wood with a much more durable material that can stand wear and tear in busy areas of your home.

5. Your Headboard

If you love the look of wood paneled headboards, fiber cement siding is a great option for a durable, textured bed end. Your bedroom should be somewhere you love to step into at the end of the day, and wake up to in the morning. With the focus on bedrooms as relaxing sanctuaries, the décor has to fit the bill. Fiber cement planks used vertically or horizontally and painted to your ideal color, are the perfect way to create a sleeping space you love.

Are you thinking about using fiber cement paneling for your home? Let us know how you’re thinking of using it!