5 Tips to Help Enhance the Security of Your Home

Keeping one’s home secure is a priority for any homeowner. While reported burglaries in Canada have decreased since 2000, it’s important to remain vigilant–especially during warmer months, when break-ins most often occur.

To help protect your home and valuables and reduce the likelihood of a potential break-in, consider these five tips: 

1. Lock Up 

Ensure all windows and doors can close securely with a reliable locking mechanism. Make it a habit to keep your garage door closed, and avoid leaving your car keys by an entry door. Store valuable items such as lawnmowers and barbeques out of sight, and lock the garden shed when not in use.  

2. Invest in High-Quality Windows and Doors

Inspect your windows for deterioration and rotting frames that can provide easier access to unsecured homes. Replacement windows can add a layer of security and provide homeowners with additional benefits such as energy savings and increased curb appeal. 

3. Install a Security System or Cameras

Installing security cameras is an effective way to help keep your home secure. A security system can monitor entry points and alert homeowners or law enforcement when set off. Choose from simple alarms to sophisticated systems that include cameras and remote monitoring.

4. Plan Ahead

Canadian law enforcement suggests that homes that look vacant are more likely to be targeted. Before you leave on vacation, make arrangements to have your lawn cut or driveway cleared of snow. Consider setting up an automatic timer to turn interior lights on and off periodically to make your home appear occupied. Don’t forget to let your neighbours know you will be away. 

5. Use Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology can be a helpful tool for keeping your home secure. Smart locks, for example, allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, while smart cameras allow you to remotely monitor your home with a live feed. Smart sensors can alert you if a window or door opens.