5 Tips for Selling Your Home this Fall

As we start a new season after a hot summer for the housing market, this fall continues to be a promising time to sell your home. Houses of all sizes are in high demand and, in many markets, selling above the asking price. It’s also not uncommon to hear offers are extended and accepted before the sale sign is even put up in the front lawn. 

If you’re planning to list your home, learn how to attract buyers with our five tips for selling your home this fall. 

1. Update Your Entrance 

Welcome potential buyers into your home with an inviting entrance. Upgrade your front door or refresh it with a new coat of paint. Update your exterior lighting and add a stylish new welcome mat. Add potted plants and cozy seating to the front porch, and make sure your house numbers are clean and visible.  

2. Refresh Your Landscaping

Show potential buyers your home is well maintained. Make sure you groom the lawn and declutter your yard. Fertilize your turf in advance for lush green grass before showings. Remove any dead flowers, trees and shrubs, and plant colourful flowers to create a warm, welcoming feel. Further, be sure to clean, paint or replace your mailbox, planters and any outdoor decor for that extra touch.

3. Clean All Surfaces

Use a pressure washer to deep clean your sidewalk, entranceway and driveway. Don’t forget to clean your vinyl siding. Not all siding producers approve cleaning with a power washer, so first check the manufacturer’s recommendation. Clean your windows inside and out for a clear sparkling view of the outdoors from inside your home.   

4. Brighten Your Rooms

Declutter and give each room a purpose so prospective homeowners can visualize themselves in it. Add lighting or mirrors to help a space look brighter and bigger, showcasing the room’s potential. Repaint any dark rooms in a lighter, neutral colour to help your home feel warm and inviting. And before each showing, pull back drapes and open your window blinds to brighten the interior. 

5. Repair & Replace 

Replace any burnt-out light bulbs and broken fixtures. Lubricate any squeaky door hinges for smooth transitions between rooms. Be sure to pay special attention to your home’s exterior and repair or replace any damaged siding before putting your home on the market. Also check for signs your windows need to be replaced. Replacement vinyl windows can also increase your home’s value.