5 Things Your Contractor Wants You To Know

Having a good relationship with your contractor is key for any renovation project. There’s a great deal of trust involved in a renovation, and when you hire the right person, they’ll be your biggest ally in your journey to creating your dream home. The entire process can be improved if you know a few important things before getting started. Here are 5 things your contractor wants you to know.

1. They Have a Network You Can Utilize 

Your contractor would rather you utilize their network of tradespeople than bring your friends or family members onto a project. Whether you need plumbing, electrical or exterior help, your contractor is sure to have a vast list of subcontractors they can vouch for. They also typically have a list of problem subcontractors they know not to work with. It’s ideal for the professionals working on your home to have an established relationship to ensure a seamless completion of the overall project.

2. The Right Contractor Will Be Happy You Shopped Around 

Your contractor wants to know they’re the best person for the job. He or she will be happy to know you did your due diligence and are confident they’re the best fit. Second-guessing once the project has started isn’t productive for either of you. When you start the hiring process, be sure to get recommendations, interview at least three contractors (or more if needed), review a portfolio of past work, and get in touch with their references.

3. Weather and Permits Are Out of Their Control

Some unfortunate things can set back the timeline of your renovation that are out of your contractor’s control. The weather can affect the ability to work as well as availability of material. Permit application times and inspection schedules are also out of the hands of your contractor. The permit process can either go smoothly or be a headache, depending on your local ordinances and layers of bureaucracy. All your contractor can do is follow the rules and be patient, so keep this in mind. 

4. They Want You to Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor questions. It’s your job to speak up when you have questions and concerns, and it’s their job to provide you information. The key is communication. Make sure to be clear with your contractor on expectations as it’s better to deal with requests as they come up rather than after the project is finished. Remember to be polite and professional, and they will be, too. 

5. Changes Have Ripple Effects

It’s common to want to make changes and modifications as a renovation progresses, but understand that one modification may cause a ripple effect. Changes have the potential to impact work yet to come, so it’s important for the contractor to know about them as far in advance as possible. If you have any inkling you may want to change the scope or design of your project, speak up immediately and be prepared for your completion date to be pushed back. 

Having a great homeowner-contractor relationship is a big part of a successful renovation. These are the things they want you to know so that the process goes as seamlessly as possible.