5 Reasons to Maintain Your Eavestrough This Summer

Maintaining your eavestrough is essential in preparing for increased rainfall during summer storms. When clean, your eavestrough helps protect your home and property from damage. Here are five more specific reasons to clean your eavestrough this summer:

1. Reduce the Risk of a Cracked Foundation

Eavestrough systems channel rainwater off your roof and away from your home and foundation. Your foundation provides a level surface for your home and supports vital beams and structural elements. A clogged eavestrough may cause your foundation to swell, shift and crack, potentially resulting in a costly repair. 

2. Protect Your Roof 

An unmaintained eavestrough can cause water to pool around the edges of your roof, which may damage your roofing material. The excess moisture on your roof can result in mould, mildew, and structural damage to your home if left untreated.

 3. Protect Your Landscaping

The downspouts of a rainwater system direct water to specific areas of your yard. Water can cascade over a clogged eavestrough and may damage your yard. Clean your eavestrough this summer to help prevent your grass, mulch and landscaping elements from becoming waterlogged. 

4. Prevent Unwanted Plant Growth 

As debris breaks down in your eavestrough, accumulated leaves, branches, and twigs become the perfect environment for unwanted plants to grow. With increased pollen in the air, growth can be fast-tracked in summer. These materials add weight and pressure to your eavestrough, potentially causing your rainwater system to crack and sag over time. 

5. Reduce Risk of Pests 

Clogged eavestroughs are often home to nesting birds, bees, wasps and hornets. Clean your rainwater system to help prevent your family and friends from getting swarmed by such pests. 

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