5 Most Popular Siding Colours for 2019

Thinking of changing up your siding colour? It could be one of the best upgrades you’ll make to your home. Siding makes up the bulk of your home exterior, and is one of the biggest drivers of value and curb appeal. You want to make sure your siding colour is modern and on trend, especially if you’re planning to put your house up for sale any time soon.

Whether you’re looking to paint your siding or are in the market to replace your siding all together, take a look at Gentek’s World of Colour to follow along this list of the most popular siding colours for 2019!

1. Pacific Blue to Marine Dusk

Shades of blue have blown up in the design world over the past few years, but this year, shades like “Pacific Blue” and “Marine Dusk” are the ones to look out for. Blue is not exactly neutral, so if you’re not looking to play it safe, it may not be for you, but many homeowners today desire more dynamic colours for their home exteriors.

Pacific Blue” and “Marine Dusk” evoke feelings of relaxation, serenity and peace, which is why many homeowners are drawn to them. Couple your blue siding with white trim to give your home tranquil seaside vibes.

2. Gray (In Any Medium to Dark Shade)

You can’t go wrong when it comes to using any medium to dark shade of gray for your siding. Whether you opt for “Storm” or our new “Chesapeake Gray” or “Hudson Slate”, gray is a neutral yet trendy colour that never goes out of style. If you love the idea of using a neutral for your siding, but would rather stay away from creams and tans, gray is the perfect option for you!

3. Forest Green to Meadow Fern

Natural hues like “Forest Green” and “Meadow Fern” are also trending in 2019, especially for homes in the suburbs or ones surrounded by lots of nature. These greens bring out your home’s natural, lush surroundings, not to mention, the vibrancy of a deep forest green can really bring a property to life! Note that darker greens also tend to look really good on older, traditional style homes that often look best painted in deeper colours.

4. Taylor Red to Majestic Brick

Deep russet reds like Gentek’s “Taylor Red” and “Majestic Brick” are also having a moment. Perfect for a timeless, country-style home, a gorgeous deep red siding adds a ton of curb appeal and will make your home a total stand out!

5. Incorporating Textures

When it comes to siding, colour isn’t the only option you have to think about. This year, incorporating textures into your siding continues to be one of the biggest trends. Think options such as Grayne shingles that create natural depth and sharp, crisp edges to give your home the natural cedar charm, or SerenyStone, an awesome alternative to masonry, without all the maintenance and upkeep of real stone.

If you’re ready to give your siding an upgrade, use one of these 5 colours or textures to completely transform your home!