5 Fire Pit Designs That Will Warm You


With the temperature cooling down, we’re thinking up anything and everything that can warm us up this season. Although fire pits are often used on breezy summer nights, there are also many ways to enjoy a fire pit in the winter. Outdoor firepits allow us to embrace the outdoors during the coldest months, rather than hibernating inside all season. Just remember to check your local laws to see if fire pits are allowed/legal in your area. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor winter party, or just want to relax outside with your family, here are 5 fire pit designs that will warm you right up!


  1. Secluded Fire Pit

If you have a secluded seating area in your backyard, get use out of it during winter by placing an outdoor fire pit in the centre of the chairs. Weather-resistant seating will ensure you can enjoy the space all year round, and the addition of fire pit set up will make it warmer and cozier. It will be the perfect place to cozy up after shoveling your driveway or making snow forts with your kids.


  1. Mobile Fire Pit

A mobile fire pit is ideal for any season as you can move it around your yard as needed. Move it from the seating area in your backyard, to your porch or patio, or to your outdoor kitchen while you cook. Wherever you move it, just make sure there are no nearby trees, overhead wires, or any type of roof covering it. Safety first!


  1. Marble Fire Pit

A marble fire pit is a beautiful way to make a statement. If you have an outdoor living room, make it cozy and aesthetic with a marble fire pit in the centre of your seating area. It’s ideal for year-round lounging, offering the perfect spot to cozy up while you sip on hot cocoa or mulled wine.


  1. Stacked Stone Fire Pit

If you want a fire pit with charm and personality, a stacked stone fire pit is the way to go. You can DIY one yourself, or get one put in by professionals. Pick your favourite stone and make sure it coordinates with the rest of your exterior. Place logs or charcoal inside for a gorgeous fire pit that will transform your yard into an outdoor oasis.


  1. Covered Fire Pit

While many fire pits are open flame, another option for your yard is a covered fire pit. Like other fire pit options, a covered fire pit will create a warm and inviting appeal to your yard, and provide you with light and warmth when the sun goes down and the temperature drops.


If you’re looking to increase the comfort and coziness of your outdoor space in winter, these fire pit designs will ensure your stay warm! Choose your favourite design and enjoy the outdoors all year round.