5 Common Mistakes People Make with Exterior Colour

Choosing exterior colours from your home can be a challenge. Not only do you have to think about what colours will complement each other on the home itself, you also have to consider how these colours coordinate with your landscaping and the nature around it. Having stunning curb appeal is important for various reasons, from creating a great first impression to increasing the value of your home. Choosing the right exterior colours ensures your home is as beautiful as can be. Take a look at 5 common mistakes people make with exterior colour, so you can avoid them at all costs!


  1. Not Having a Colour Scheme

Just like the interior of your home, your exterior should follow a thought-out colour scheme. Without having a colour scheme, you run the risk of using too many different colours and making your home look chaotic, or not using enough colours and making your exterior look dull. You typically need to choose three colours- a colour for the body of your home, a second colour for your trim, and a third colour for your front door. If you have shutters on your home, you may consider adding a fourth colour if you don’t want to paint them the same colour as your door.


  1. Not Saving Trendy Colours for Paint

There are certain colours that go in and out of style for home exteriors. Trendy colours such as teal, coral and cobalt blue should be used on areas of your exterior that you paint, such as your front door. It’s important to think of the future of your home, and whether you plan to stay in it forever or eventually put it on the market, you don’t want to be stuck with an off trend colour when the time comes. Keep this in mind for the more permanent features of your exterior such as your siding.


  1. Not Coordinating Window Colours with Exterior Colours

When it comes to choosing the colour for your vinyl windows, keep in mind that if you’re opting for white windows over black, white goes with fresh, crisp colours and cream goes with earth toned colours. If you’re installing earthy stone, brick, or earth toned siding on your home, your windows should be cream coloured, not stark white.


  1. Forgetting About Landscaping

Landscaping can completely transform your exterior, and contributes to the overall colour scheme of your home. Make sure that the colours on your home complement the colours in your landscaping, and vice versa. If your exterior colour scheme is elegant and timeless, using colours like white for the body of your home, black for your trim and wood for the front door, add pops of colour with your flowering landscape.


  1. Forgetting About Your Front Door

The colour of your front door shouldn’t be an afterthought- it should get just as much consideration as any other part of your exterior. Using the right door colour can really make your home shine. Use your door colour as an accent to pull the rest of your exterior together, elevating your curb appeal and making your home a total stand out!


If exterior colours are throwing you for a loop,  steer clear of these 5 common mistakes and you’re sure to have a beautiful home exterior that you’ll love for years to come!