5 Bug-Free Gazebo Designs

Sitting outside in your backyard, relaxing in the summer heat sounds like paradise…until you factor in the bugs. If you live in an area that’s prone to bugs, you know what a pain they can be, and when it comes to entertaining friends and family in your backyard, the last thing you want is their visit getting ruined by bugs. If you’re the family who loves to hold gatherings at your home, whether it’s barbeques, birthdays or special events, it’s nice to have a shady place to relax away from the bugs.

Enter: the gazebo, a gorgeous and comfortable structure that will make your backyard feel like an extension of your home. A nice gazebo will elevate your backyard, making your guests flock to it when they see it. And many of them come equipped with screens or curtains to keep the bugs out. If you love the idea of placing a gazebo in your backyard, here are five bug-free gazebo designs for you to choose from.

1. Wooden Gazebo

There are plenty of gorgeous wooden gazebos you can choose from for your backyard. Whether you want it tall or small, with intricate detailing or unadorned, a wooden gazebo is sure to be a beautiful addition to any yard. Whatever style you choose, look for a wooden gazebo with screens built into the walls to keep the bugs at bay.

2. Gazebo with Curtains

If you don’t love the idea of having netted screens on your gazebo, another option is a cloth or metal gazebo with curtains. You can leave the curtains open when you want more sun and a breeze, and close them when the bugs start buzzing. If you go with a cloth gazebo, opt for curtains in the same colour as the fabric top!

3. A Built-In Gazebo

If you have a large deck in your backyard, consider installing a built-in gazebo in one of the corners of the deck. This will make your deck a prime destination in the summer, where your guests can enjoy time outside in the sun, or head into the gazebo for some shade. Make sure the gazebo has installed screens, making it safe from insects.

4. Poolside Gazebo

Have a pool in your backyard and need a shaded area to relax after a swim? A poolside gazebo is just the thing for you! An enclosed gazebo with windows and screen panels offers the perfect spot for you to relax, bug-free, on a summer day.

5. Gazebo with Screen Sliders

Another option for a bug-free gazebo is a metal gazebo with retractable screen sliders that can be easily opened and closed. This allows you to have more of a breeze when it’s not too buggy outside, and close the sliders when it is. It’s a great alternative to stationary screen walls as well as curtains, and allows for more versatility!

A bug-free gazebo is the best place to spend time outside this summer! Choose your favourite design and let the fun begin!