5 Budget-friendly Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

Breathe new life into your outdoor living area without breaking the bank. Whether you want to relax or entertain outside, we’ve put together a list of five budget-friendly ideas to refresh your small porch, patio, or deck. 

1. Add Pavers 

Take on a DIY project and double the size of your outdoor area with large cost-effective concrete pavers. Leave space between the pavers for grass for a stylish effect. Use artificial turf or stones between the pavers for a maintenance-free option.

2. Add Lighting 

Update your exterior lighting for a quick and easy transformation. Install some inexpensive string lights above your outdoor space to add ambiance and mood lighting. Style tin cans with a coat of paint and add holes to turn them into funky lanterns. 

3. Brighten Up the Area 

Use budget-friendly colour to liven up your outdoor space with bright accents. Paint your entry door and old wooden patio furniture to match. If you have a concrete patio, consider painting the surface and using a stencil to create a unique design. Find a large outdoor rug in a bold pattern and add water-resistant cushions to your seating. Make planters with a mixture of faux and real foliage to compliment your colour scheme

4. Add Detail to the Walls

Think vertically, and install a living wall with succulents and low-maintenance plants. Add natural texture to an exterior wall with a wicker basket installation for a unique touch. If you enjoy painting, hang abstract DIY artwork.  

5. Build a Pergola 

A pergola may be the missing piece to your outdoor area, which will define the space. If you are DIY-inclined or have someone who can help, save money and build a pergola yourself. Add hanging planters, string lights, and vines to match your style. Go all-out and add curtains for an intimate and relaxing vibe.